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  • Surprise Them Back

    Today I wanted to share a letter I wrote to my little ones in partnership with Kinder Surprise Canada, a little way to surprise them back for all of the surprises they send my…

  • Mixing it up

    Today we are baking with our KITCHEN AID mixer and we are also giving one away!!…

  • Grilled Cheese Love

    Today we wanted to start off our series of LOVE inspired family friendly foods with one of the classics, a yummy comfort food to enjoy inside after an afternoon of skating outside or building…

  • Mini Quiches

    Here is a quick Sunday toddler friendly recipe just in time for you to plan your Monday morning breakfast! Sorry about the images I took them quickly with my phone and I do not…

  • But First Coffee

    To some people coffee is life, to others they can simply go without it easily...some like it hot, others like it black... Today I wanted to talk coffee. I've rounded up some of my…

  • Wit & Wonder

    If you are on the hunt for gifts for your pizza lovin' bestie, the one that makes you laugh, drinks a bottle of wine with you and will binge watch movies or Friends until…

  • Holiday Gifting: CS100

    As you guys know we've totally fallen for the newest Canon addition to the family, our Connect Station CS#100. We have been using it every weekend to unload every thing from the memory cards…

  • Our Youtube Trailer: Behind the Scenes

    I've been anticipating this blog post, we've been so excited to share our YouTube trailer with you guys but more importantly - the people who made it happen! We've been lucky enough to work…

  • Family Travels: Vancouver with American Express

    We’d been talking about taking a family trip to Vancouver for such a long time and with the busy few months we’ve had we knew it was time to have a little getaway with…


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