Cleanse, Cleanse It Up!

Have you ever tried a juice cleanse or wanted to? I’ve been enjoying these seasonally ever since my favourite juicery in Barrie, Ontario – Ripe Juicery opened their doors. I had always enjoyed juicing at home myself casually – but never as a way to cleanse my system. To give it a ‘reset’. I learnt so much about this while chatting more and more with my friends Meghan & Lindsey that own this environmentally friendly and caring local business. You may recognize the name of their juicery as I share it on my blog and on my Instagram – our family spends a lot of time there! It’s a vegan juicery with a focus on healthy plant based nutrition, think delicious smoothies, soups and even desserts. With such a great selection of clean foods for us all to enjoy, it’s no secret why we are there so often.

So let’s talk juice cleanses….

This blog post isn’t about a weight loss trend, this isn’t why I do juice cleanses. It’s a reset for me. Here is the perfect example of how I enjoy mine, post-thanksgiving dinners – 5 of them back to back and then a few days of binging afterwards since my appetite has grown ten fold ha! When I’ve really fallen off track in my eating habits, when I feel a lull I just can’t shake. When I need a reboot and help to re-start on my way – this is how I start.

I generally do a 3 day cleanse and I wanted to share my favourite one with you guys so you can try it too. I do a mix of juices and healthy meals for the first 2 days and then I do all juices. This may sound intimidating but it truly isn’t, especially if you are committed to said ‘reset’! By the end of day 2 I am full and have to push myself to have that last juice. But by day 3, my stomach feels AMAZING – bloating is gone, I no longer have such a strong craving for SO much sodium and junk foods. Not to be too TMI but it gets the digestive system back to normal too!

I’ve listed my entire 3 days of juices but I wanted to tell you about a couple of my absolute favourite juices from Ripe that are in there.

Iron Man: A must try! A skin clearing, hydrating & nutrient dense powerhouse of greens. Loaded with chlorophyll which is known for its healing properties, ability to neutralize toxins & purify the liver. Iron man can help to reduce high blood pressure, improve arthritis & cleanse internal organs. You may just be “iron man” ready in no time. Even my kiddos love this one!

Lemon Aid: If I am feeling a touch under the weather, I rush in for one of these goodies. Say “sayonara” to toxins, flu’s and sore throats with this acidic powerful juice! I’m going to detoxify your liver and alkalinize your body’s PH all while fighting free-radicals and keep your immune system healthy.

RIPE strives to improve the everyday health of our community by providing convenient access to raw, organic, delicious plant-based nutrition.

We sat down and asked the owners or RIPE Juicery Meghan and Lindsey more about RIPE Juicery and their cleanses…

What customers do you generally recommend a juice cleanse for?

We recommend juice cleanses for customers looking for a re set – whether that be from a summer of indulging, a month of nights out or a year of being up at night with a new baby! Cleansing boosts your immune system and gives your digestive system a break allowing your body to heal, detox and re set which can help you fight illness, avoid the common cold & flu season and help your body glow from the inside out.

Do you do juice cleanses yourself? Which one is your favourite?

I love to cleanse. It helps me feel hydrated, healthy & re sets my eating habits. With a 3 year old and 6 month old I am only able to fully cleanse when I’m not breastfeeding – my go to is the blue run cleanse with a golden milk at the end of the day instead of an almond joy – I love the mix of roots and greens in this cleanse and the variety keeps me from getting bored. I suggest if you are in the same new mom situation as I am trying our dunlop or king cleanse – they incorporate food and juices to maintain the proper intake of calories while still boosting your immune system and re setting your eating habits!

Do both men and women benefit from juice cleanses?

Definitely. Its almost unfair the results that men see from cleansing! Men typically see that largest weight loss while cleansing – and we often hear that they have never felt better following a 3 day cleanse. Men benefit from juicing in so many ways – boosting their immune system, flushing toxins, better sleep, more hydration – a boost in nutrients can only be beneficial! As a woman I notice following a cleanse that I am not bloated, my skin is glowing, I sleep better and I feel more hydrated – its the perfect boost to kick off any health goals you have.

We added cleanses on our menu as we genuinely love the addition of cleansing in our lives. Juicing has given us a level of health that we are so grateful for. The addition of veg on green juice a day is so beneficial – imagine what 6 could do!

A big thanks to RIPE Juicery for partnering with us on this post. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about my favourite juice cleanse and local juicery, I also hope you can enjoy the benefits of a juice cleanse the same way I do – if not more! xo