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  • 6 Ways to take care of YOU

    We are all too guilty of not taking the time to take care of ourselves, especially us parents! As a mother I am always forgetting to prioritize my own health & rest because I…

  • Mixing it up

    Today we are baking with our KITCHEN AID mixer and we are also giving one away!!…

  • Grilled Cheese Love

    Today we wanted to start off our series of LOVE inspired family friendly foods with one of the classics, a yummy comfort food to enjoy inside after an afternoon of skating outside or building…

  • Mini Quiches

    Here is a quick Sunday toddler friendly recipe just in time for you to plan your Monday morning breakfast! Sorry about the images I took them quickly with my phone and I do not…

  • Dempsters™ Quesadillas

    In our house we live by the motto that cheese is always a good idea and as a busy mom of two who also blogs full time, cooking delicious fuss-free meals are a must.…

  • Banana Blueberry Muffins

    We are so excited to share one of our favourite recipes with you, we make these…OFTEN! Recently we visited our local blueberry fields and stocked up on fresh berries, about half of those made…

  • Dinosaur S’mores

    When I found out that my friend and fellow blogger Tori, the founder of Fraiche Nutrition blog was expecting her 2nd baby when sending her a congratulatory gift I knew I wanted to include something…

  • Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes

    This has quickly become my kids (and husbands) favourite breakfast! I mean, can you blame them? Who doesn’t love oatmeal cookies in the form on pancakes HA!? I’ve always made pancakes from scratch and…

  • Kale Pesto Pizza

    We LOVE pizza around here, especially homemade ones in the shape of a heart! Making pizza is such a great fun way to get the kids involved in the kitchen, you can teach them a…


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