Wellness with Beau Lake Co.

Ever dream of gliding on water, feeling the sun kiss your skin, and just taking a moment to escape the everyday hustle? Today, I want to introduce you to our newest favourite product for outdoor wellness and being active on the water, these GORGEOUS inflatable stand up paddle boards from Beau Lake Co.

“Blending mid-century style with modern performance, The Newport combines dual-fusion drop stitch and triple-reinforced rails to form a distinctly rigid all-around style inflatable stand-up paddleboard (iSUP) that can be easily stowed away after every use. “

When you’re SUP boarding on the water it’s like the world hit pause for a moment. SUP isn’t just a water sport; it’s a ticket to pure tranquility. The water and the sky become your canvas, and all the stress? It just melts away with each paddle stroke. It’s like nature’s therapy session.

Every paddle stroke becomes a meditation as you focus on the rhythmic movement and the gentle swaying of the board. Stand up paddle boarding encourages mindfulness, a practice that promotes being fully present in the moment. The sound of water of course has it’s benefits too which I have mentioned on my Instagram before. Being around water can instantly improve your mood and it can lower your blood pressure too!

Not only is it great for your mental wellness, it’s also a fantastic workout. Balancing on the board engages your core muscles, legs, and even your arms as you paddle. The act of balancing challenges your stability muscles, contributing to improved posture and a toned physique. This low-impact exercise allows you to sculpt your body without straining your joints. Try to fit in a swim and even better! The kids and I have a great workout we do on the SUP board where we squat and rock the board side to side so as to get a great workout in while trying to rock without completely tipping the board. We also lay back and do sit ups, we plan and do push ups. It truly is such a great body workout while out in nature.

Did you know that the sound of water has a therapeutic effect on the mind? The gentle, rhythmic sounds of paddling and the water’s movement induce a state of calm. This, combined with the physical activity, releases endorphins – the body’s natural stress relievers – leaving you with a sense of rejuvenation and clarity. Being out on the water also exposes you to sunlight, which is a natural source of vitamin D. This vitamin is crucial for bone health, immune function, hormones and mood regulation. You guys know we are very passionate about circadian rhythm and holistic wellness, try and get your paddle in at sunrise or sunset. This is also a great way to stay active with friends or family!

Craig and I try to to dates where we go out for a paddle, this photoshoot was hilarious as it truly shows the playful (and competitive) side of our relationship. What started out as an innocent playful splashing turned into me falling in, Craig laughing and me determined to flip his board too. I don’t give up of course which means we both had a swim!

We’ve truly been loving these boards this summer, they are easy to transport, and not only are they beautiful inflatable boards – they are easy to pump up and a joy to use. They are also at a great price point AND on sale right! Ready to paddle your way to a happier, healthier you?

“The Newport also comes with everything you need to immediately elevate your waterside experience. Your iSUP arrives in the industry’s finest travel bag and includes a collapsible carbon fiber paddle, dual-action pump, fin, leash, and repair kit. The elegant travel bag is equipped with both shoulder straps for easy beach access and roller wheels for the dock.”

Right now there is FREE shipping within North America AND these inflatable boards are ON SALE!!! You can layer my discount code as well by adding the code ‘ROXANNEWEST’. Get your Newport Board {HERE}!