Dairy-Free Coconut Kefir Bowl

This is by far one of my favourite vegan snacks right now and has been since February. And the best part, totally guilt free!

This is made with dairy-free coconut kefir by KefirKult, a local Toronto company. We enjoy it alone and sometimes in our fav coconut bowls with fresh fruits, homemade granola + a drizzle of pure Canadian amber maple syrup. @kefirkult is a Canadian family owned company, the owners are so incredibly kind and passionate about their products and delivering the cleanest products to their customers. They also make delicious water kefir drinks that are healthy, high in probiotics, vegan and organic. It’s a probiotic fermented soda, a guilt free sparkling drink that’s good for your tummy, my favourite is their Guava one! All of their products are free of GMO’s, promote gut health and immunity, and are vegan friendly.

You can purchase KefirKult’s products for free delivery in and around the GTA, check out their website {here}!

In this coconut kefir yoghurt bowl we have slices of organic banana, kiwis, homemade gluten free granola & maple syrup. I will share our homemade granola on the blog next month too!

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