Bliss List

You guys, this week’s Bliss List marks 12 weeks in the series! I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed writing these posts and sharing them with you each Friday! Gathering content that makes my heart pitter patter is exactly why I started Bonjour Bliss so many years ago – I’ve always hoped this platform would be a place to share creativity, inspiration, and all things blissful, and for me, the Bliss List really embodies that vision. Taking the time to grow this series has been so reminiscent of my earliest days as a blogger and I’ve enjoyed the refreshing change of pace in writing that some of our other posts demand. And of course, the accolades and reception from our readers has continued to affirm the rewarding emotions that the series has provided me with. So, as always, thank you so much for reading along and engaging with me here in this space.  I hope you take away a little bit of bliss for yourself each week!


Day-to-day I typically avoid dairy and rarely include it in my diet. (Where are my lactose-intolerant friends at?!) However, every now and again I crave something chocolatey and decadent, but all too often these cravings regrettably mean consuming dairy. That is until I discovered David Lebovitz’s incredibly indulgent chocolate sorbet recipe. It is seriously so creamy yet contains no diary or eggs! If you’re a chocolate lover, but similarly avoid dairy, I promise you that this sorbet will not disappoint!


Who doesn’t love Ikea?! I’m confident you could find at least one Ikea piece in everybody’s home. We’ve had various items in our homes over the years, they’re budget-friendly and most-often can hold up to the wear and tear of life with kids. (I mean, I must have washed our Ikea Ektorp sofa slipcovers at least once a month to keep them looking white, bright, and like brand new.) So for those reasons alone, Ikea is an easy decorating choice for most families to make. However, I’m often looking for luxe fabrics and a certain aesthetic that custom pieces can bring to a space, while also adhering to “our” (read: Craig’s – ha!) budget.’s article spotlighting 5 Companies That Will Make Your Ikea Furniture Seem Custom-Made is sure to save the day in many couples’ decorating spats with products marrying the logic and allure of Ikea and custom pieces together!


I do so much travelling (and packing and unpacking) and so over the years I’ve realized it’s important to invest in quality luggage pieces, totes, and other packing essentials in an effort to avoid having to replace my travel items every other flight I take. I’ve been crushing on Cuyana’s leather travel cases and think they’re a must-have for any avid traveler. The blush pink pebbled leather is so pretty, but of course I’m also drawn to the olive green and black sets. And perhaps my favourite part, the modern gold monogrammed details!


How flippin’ adorable is this do-it-yourself flamingo croquet set on Style Me Pretty?! I can barely handle it. If you’re still looking for unique actiivites to add to your summer bucket list, this idea should go straight to the top! I’m loving the whimsical Alice in Wonderland vibes the flamingo croquet mallets are giving me and think the entire set would be a backyard hit with the adults and kids alike!


I am seriously smitten with all things citrus lately and this orange print blouse from Anthro is so irresistible. The juicy pops of orange and button detailing are too good, a fresh departure from the citrus lemon prints we’re also seeing everywhere. I think it would be adorable knotted in the front with a pair of white denim and worn to brunch on the weekends – obviously with a mimosa in hand!


We frequently receive questions surrounding how we’ve renovated and finished the spaces in our homes, but one particular question I am asked all the time is regarding mixed metals – for instance, how I mix metals with confidence in our spaces and how I know when and where it’s appropriate to mix metals without the space feeling muddled. I’m typically drawn to warmer brass finishes, but I definitely love mixing and matching for a more eclectic and lived-in feel throughout our house. Studio McGee’s Guide to Mixing Metals illustrates exactly how to go about approaching mixed metals with ease and how to achieve the look we have throughout so many of the spaces of our home.


Well now that 12 weeks of Bliss List are wrapped up – I’d love to hear what you’re still loving about the series and what you’re interested in me featuring more of! And you can thank me later for the decadent chocolate sorbet recipe – it is seriously what Friday nights at home are all about! Enjoy and happy weekending!