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  • Pantene: Strong is Beautiful

    Last week I had the opportunity to try the Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo & Conditioner before a fun day with Pantene’s Consulting Stylist,  Justin German. Now, so many people do not believe that…

  • Travels to France with Vichy

    I have been eagerly awaiting the launch of an amazing new product from Vichy, meet Mineral 89!!! As you all know I had the amazing opportunity this April to travel to France with Vichy…

  • Blended with Love

    Today we are sharing our blended with love moment with all of you, this was filmed on a beautiful day last summer and I am so grateful to have these memories captured on film.…

  • 1 Room, 2 Ways with Joss & Main

    This 100 square foot room was a world of it’s own, with an awkward shape and odd corners it took 3 different makeovers in two years for me to finally feel content with the…

  • Fighting the Frizz

    Now that we are all headed into the warmer months, you know what that means...the dreaded frizz - you know, that hair that creeps up on you when you are headed out to an…

  • Master Bedroom: Update

    So excited to FINALLY be sharing a master bedroom update with you guys and so honoured to be wearing one of Paper Crown's Spring 2017 dresses by Lauren Conrad for the reveal!!! As if…

  • Real Beauty with DOVE in NYC

    I hope you are all having an amazing week so far, if you’ve been following along on my social media you will know that I was just in New York City with DOVE celebrating their…

  • Royale Tissues

    It’s been a busy winter full of sneezing, colds & germs that we can’t control no matter how hard we try. But one thing we can control is how soft the tissues we use…

  • Estee Lauder Beauty

    I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with Estee Lauder in December and have my makeup done by Victor Henao, a phenomenal make up artist and the one responsible for Miss Kendall Jenner's…


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