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FUN FACT: Natural sunscreens are effective immediately while chemical sunscreens can take up to 20 minutes before ingredients become effective.
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FUN FACT: Boo Bamboo Sunscreen is a natural sunscreen that is safe for all ages, including infants under 6 months of age!
Summer is sadly coming to an end but we are soaking up our last days outside by the pool till the wee hours. Summer is full of fun but if you are not careful it can be full of sun damage too, sounds scary right?

I remember after having our first, Ella – I was so very paranoid about every thing, especially sun damage. Her beautiful white porcelain skin, I didn’t want anything to harm it. I was worried about the sun itself while also worried about what sunscreen to use out of the many names on a list of products full of chemicals I didn’t want to put on my daughter and still to this day I am very picky about what products we use.

This summer I had to opportunity to work with Boo Bamboo sun protection products, they sent us their line of products and we used it for most of the summer before deciding to feature them and shoot this feature! It is so important to us to make sure we love a product before sharing it with you and your family and this product is totally on our recommendation list. I’ve honestly never used a spray sunscreen before, well scratch that – I’ve never bought a spray sunscreen before. I just didn’t trust them? Boo Bamboo sent me a wide variety of products for the kids and myself from spray to lotion and we honestly loved it all. I sprayed the lotion on my hands before rubbing it on the kids and Noah used the lotion to put it on mommy :). The kids lotion is SPF 40 while the spray is SPF 30 for kids, I use the SPF40 lotion for myself. The one thing I love about using the Boo Bamboo Sunscreen is that it can be used by the entire family – this chemical free sunscreen is safe for all ages and it’s water resistant too, so you know you won’t have to re-apply every single time the kids hop out of the pool! The adult SPF 40 sunscreen lotion is actually sweat resistant for up to 40 minutes too which is great for us active parents or even someone looking to play a game of beach volleyball. I especially love that they come in different sizes, Boo Bamboo sent me a couple of their compact bottles of spray sunscreen and they get tossed in my purse for those moments I may have forgotten to pack sunscreen in our beach bag – I despise showing up to an event realizing I forgot my natural sunscreen at home!

The price is actually better than the other natural sunscreens I was buying before and this one is more fast absorbing too, it goes on white but as soon as you rub it in you don’t see it. A full size bottle of the Kids SPF40 Sunscreen is only $19.99…I was paying $30 for the other natural sunscreen I was buying!!!

Boo Bamboo kids sunscreen is a gentle, Broad Spectrum UVA / UVB Protection enriched with bamboo extract and made for your child’s sensitive skin. Non-whitening, fast-absorbing, water resistant, naturally scented, paraben & DEA free.

  • Non-whitening
  • Fast-absorbing
  • Water resistant
  • Unscented
  • Non-nano
  • Paraben & DEA free
  • Cruelty Free & Vegan

So you may be asking, okay great Roxanne but does it work? YES!!! I am happy to say we were completely burn free all summer, and that makes me really proud as a parent. Between the convenience of having the compact spray sunscreen bottle every where I went and the excellent quality of Boo Bamboo sunscreen itself we had an amazing summer so far and kept our skin protected. I am excited to have found a great product that we can use all year long because YES you do still need sunscreen in the fall or winter, especially for the face and of course, for those winter vacations to somewhere sunny too! Visit the Boo Bamboo website {here} to learn more about their products and where to find them.

FUN FACT: Boo Bamboo Sunscreen is vegan & cruelty free. Check out the Boo Bamboo Instagram page {here} to learn more!

FUN FACT: Boo Bamboo Sunscreen contains Zinc – a natural mineral that blocks UV rays, an active ingredient in all of their sunscreens. My Swimsuit: Show Me Your Mumu | The Kids Swimsuits: Mosie’s Cozies | Roundie Towel: Tofino Towels | Unicorn Floatie

Photography by Bettina Bogar

This post was made in partnership with Boo Bamboo Sunscreens and all opinions as always are my own, we are loving this product and are so happy to share it with all of our readers!