Bliss List

We just finished the loveliest four-day week following our long weekend and guess what? We’re ready to do it all over again this weekend! As I’ve mentioned in the past, our week days tend to be a bit of a whirlwind as we juggle two kids (it often feels like three with Gatsby – ha!), but whose aren’t, am I right?!  Maximizing our evenings with Ella and Noah, the hustle of our careers, and the always scheduled social calendar, our family life is definitely not for the faint of heart.  While I typically thrive under pressure and definitely don’t mind the busyness that life as a family usually throws my way, I have been craving more moment of slowness and am absolutely living for the weekends. And I mean the really indulgent kind of weekends, the ones that are just too good to let go of come Sunday evening. Waffles for breakfast, pajamas until noon, afternoon naps, flip flops in the backyard, Jack Johnson on repeat, glowy string lights, light-weight knits at the drive-in, stargazing, and silly stories around a warm fire, these are what our weekends are made of and I’ll never grow tired. Along with my said weekend wish list, here’s what I’m currently loving in this Friday’s edition of Bliss List.


I recently had a girlfriend over for a glass (or two…) of wine and I had this candle lit in my kitchen. She couldn’t get over how beautifully fragrant my home smelled and instantly asked about the candle. Vancouver Candle Co. makes the most unique candles with scents reminiscent of well-loved neighbourhoods and niches within Canada, my favourite being the High Park (located in Toronto) candle. Yorkville, Queen West, and The Beaches are among the many I want to collect (and visit!) over the summer.


I get asked fairly frequently which pair of white jeans are my favourite and my go-to pair for spring and summer. I have been pretty much obsessed with this pair from J.Crew for a few years now (you can see me wearing them in this post) and have even repurchased them since. They’re super comfortable and can be effortlessly dressed up, with an espadrille wedge and a loose camisole, or down, with a vintage fit tee and my chucks. They’re a warm weather staple!

No. 3

Speaking of staples in my closet, you guys know my obsession with cardigans runs deep. And even though the weather has been unseasonably warm (I’m not complaining!), I have no intentions of tucking away my sweaters until the autumn season. In fact, this light weight, waffle knit cardigan is a new favourite and I’ve had it on permanent rotation. It is such a versatile layering piece that I find myself pairing it with everything in my wardrobe. I’ve been wearing it open and loose over summer dresses, slouchy and knotted with my distressed denim, and off the shoulder with a cami and joggers when I’m reppin’ that mom life around the house. I definitely think I might need it in a few more colours.


How adorable is this mermaid craft using recycled egg cartons and dreamy colour palettes?! I absolutely love how whimsical and abstract each of the mermaids are. Ella is always creating and loves being artistic; we often spend our one-on-one time together being imaginative and creative. I am definitely keeping this idea tucked away for the next rainy day or quiet opportunity the two of us have to take with each other. Oh, and I obviously need to start stashing away our empty egg cartons. Quiche anyone?!


Summer hasn’t even officially arrived yet and I’m already relishing in its favourite pastimes – with s’mores at the top of the list! I mean, nothing screams summer quite like toasty and gooey s’mores. On those days that are just too damn hot for a backyard fire with the classic chocolate and marshmallow snack, these popsicles seem like the perfect treat. We recommend bringing them along to the next backyard barbeque you’re headed to, we’re sure you’d be invited back again, and again, and again. Obviously we plan on trying (and devouring) these Super Fudgy S’mores Popsicles as soon as possible. And because they’re dairy-free, I’ll probably, correction… definitely, be indulging in these all summer long!

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You guys, I’m not done gushing about Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding. It truly was a fairy tale and such a beautiful celebration to watch and be a part of from a far. I know that royal weddings (or perhaps even the royals in general) aren’t every one’s cup of tea (British pun intended – ha!), and maybe by now everyone is feeling a little overwhelmed with the explosive media coverage, but I’d much revel in the celebration of happiness, true love, and unity, than many of the other headlines in the media. I just can’t quit these two and my heart completely skipped a beat when Kensington Palace released their wedding photos, including this seemingly candid black and white shot. I’m already anxiously awaiting catching a glimpse of the newlyweds at their next public appearance, I mean, if only for Meghan’s chic AF outfits, am I right?
Well now I just have to know, are you a royal stalker, too? Did you watch the royal wedding? Tell me you were swooning over Meghan’s wedding gowns right alongside me! (I think I’m borderline obsessed, but you know what, I’m not even mad about it.) I’d also love to hear what everyone’s up to this weekend and if you have any nostalgic summer treats you have to share! Happy weekend everyone!