Skincare Series – Part i

Do you believe in aging gracefully? Have you started to despise your fine lines or do you embrace them? How about pores, do you struggle with wanting to shrink those suckers on the daily? Have you considered fillers or botox to keep the crows feet at bay or have you already dabbled? Wether you can relate to some or all of these – today is a blog post for you!

Today is part i of an exciting series with Solta Medical & Cutis Clinic. We’ve partnered up with them to share my journey in aging gracefully, but not only of my skin – also my mother’s. This fun series will be sharing the journey of skin in it’s 30s as well as 50s, behind the scenes and before & afters. I am getting super vulnerable with you guys, up close & personal…zoomed in on those pores and all haha.

Since last year I have been wanting to experiment with anti-aging treatments that didn’t include invasive procedures, crazy down time or needles – I wanted to find a treatment that could successfully combat the signs of aging, sun damage, texture, tone and more and share it with all of you. Now that I have found a combination of treatments that I love and can stand behind and recommend to you, I can’t wait to share this journey with you. In today’s video we are starting with my first visit to Cutis Clinic in Dundas, Ontario in partnership with Solta Medical. This was my first Clear & Brilliant treatment of a series we have planned. We take you behind the scenes at the clinic to see it all, my skin before the treatment, during the treatment, what to expect after and the results. This treatment boosts your collagen (yes that super duper amazing stuff that our skin stops producing by the time our 30s hit) and has many other benefits that I discuss in the video. This isn’t the first time I have talked about the Clear & Brilliant and how much I love it, I first tried it last year and fell in love with the results of only 1. Check out the full video below to learn all about this treatment!


We really hope you’ve enjoyed part i of this series, if you have any questions at all feel free to comment below or you can always email me for a personal discussion. Stay tuned for our next video where I introduce my mother and her part of this exciting series!