Bliss List

You guys, today is National Best Friends Day – could there be a sweeter holiday worth celebrating?! I don’t think so. I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by many incredible people that I am privileged to call friends. From my forever-besties and my sweet sister-in-law, to my mommy-friends and the girls that have joined the Bonjour Bliss team, I have the loveliest women in my life that I get to call friends. I thought for this week’s Bliss List I’d feature my favourite things surrounding and celebrating friendship, which of course includes a few nods to everyone’s fav series, Friends.


You guys know I absolutely live in my Friends sweatshirt. There’s something so nostalgic about the Friends sitcom, and putting on my (lived-in) sweatshirt and watching reruns with a warm cup of tea is still one of my favourite ways to unwind and indulge in some quality “me-time.” (Seriously, just try listening to this song without feeling happier. I know I can’t.) You can also find this Friends tee or this Friends hoodie from Urban Outfitters, how cute would it be tied and knotted and worn with some high-waisted denim? Definitely adding it into my cart the next time I’m doing some online shopping!


Who didn’t love “friend” Rachel Green?! As in “gal-pal Rachel Green!” (Name the episode!) I absolutely loved this article reminiscing over Rachel’s most memorable fashion moments throughout the television show’s 10 season run. Rachel was a total style icon then, defining a generation of fashion loving girls-next-door (her haircut was the only haircut of the 90s), and even 18 years later and is still a relevant icon today.


Brooke and Meggan from Somewhere, Lately are definitely my favourite bestie bloggers. With Brooke living in New York City and Meggan in Dallas, along with delivering enviable fashion content on the daily, they each share their lives through Instagram and instastories giving their readers sneak peeks into their super stylish homes, daily lifestyle habits, fav beauty products, and snippets of their adorable kiddos. And how cute are these Blonde and Brunette tees?!


How adorable are these “best friends”candles from The Little Market?! I think they’re a thoughtful and modern take on the classic friendship necklaces. How sweet would it be to send (or receive!) one of these candles as a surprise in the mail? Maybe sending one to a faraway friend? Or perhaps you have an Instagram pal you’ve yet to meet in person? You can shop each candle (“best” and “friends”) online at The Little Market.


Tori from Fraiche is one of the loveliest people that I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with through Instagram and the blogging community. She is beautiful, inside and out, and her passion for cooking delicious food while creating healthy recipes gives me all the inspiration – and cravings! We’ve even featured her on the blog multiple times because we just can’t get enough of her sweetness! (Find Tori’s colourful smoothie bowls here, homemade dinosaur s’mores here, and her waffles here.) Tori’s Blueberry Lemon Ricotta Muffins are a favourite here in our home and I love whipping them up when I’m expecting friends for coffee; they’re also among my go-to recipes when I’m looking for something simple and scrumptious to package up and deliver to the door steps of friends who I haven’t been able to connect with recently, who might need a smile, or who have done something thoughtful for me!


Many of my friendships have changed over the course of the last decade, especially once Craig and I became parents almost 6 years ago, but I do believe that the friendships I currently cherish will be the friendships that see me through. However, An Open Letter to My Friends Who Don’t Have Kids is an article that I read years ago and it so thoughtfully and sensitively illustrates how two friends in a friendship (within opposite seasons of life) can be feeling. Even without a newborn at home, I still relate and reference back to this letter often, because like most, motherhood for me is a continued balancing act. And even though we’re no longer experiencing sleep schedules, cluster feeds, and diaper blow outs, we’ve simply exchanged the demands of a newborn with birthday parties, soccer practices, and homework. It’s heartfelt and worth a read.

While I love that best friends have an earmarked day to celebrate (I’m officially marking it on my calendar) – if you have a friendship worth celebrating, you of course don’t need to wait until June 8th each year. Make that phone call to a pal who you perhaps haven’t heard from lately, drop off a batch of freshly-baked muffins to your sweet friend who just became a new mom, or invite your besties over for a Friends marathon with wine and sweats. Speaking of, who was your favourite “friend?” I’m not even sure I could choose… but probably Ross and Rachel! No wait, Monica. Oh, but what about Phoebe?! And Chandler and Joey! Never mind, I can’t choose – ha!