Creating a Memorable Mother’s Day for Mom

We’re just going to go ahead and say it; this mother’s day post is really for all the dads out there. We think dads are pretty incredible and when it comes to being hands on they’re often the best at embracing the sillies, encouraging the adventures, and giving the coziest bear hugs. But we know that some dads out there might be feeling a little lost when it comes to planning out a memorable mother’s day. If you suspect your husband could use some pointers, just go ahead and send him a link to this post because we’re about to break it down. You can both thank us later.

Ok gentlemen, here is the deal, we’re more than happy to help you out because we know your wife is totally deserving of a relaxing and special day. And we also know that if you’re reading this it’s because you genuinely want to make it happen for her. If we’re being honest, it really doesn’t need to be an overwhelming experience and is probably a lot simpler than you think to make the mama in your life feel appreciated and loved. Read along for simple and achievable suggestions to elevate your mother’s day approach.

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Start with a thoughtfully prepared breakfast in bed when she wakes up.

Barging into your bedroom with a tray of cold toast and bouncing children at 7am is not how you should be starting the day. Try your best to keep the kids occupied while mom sleeps in and while you prepare her breakfast. Keep in mind, your wife is probably scarfing down the last two bites of cereal, leftover toast crusts, and a reheated cup of coffee every other morning of the week, so today’s breakfast should be special. If her breakfast favourites aren’t coming to mind, might we suggest French toast with maple syrup, a fresh fruit salad, a hot cup of coffee, and a glass of orange juice? Scratch that. A mimosa (champagne + orange juice) is what she’s really after. And don’t forget, you are on kitchen clean-up today!

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Plan to pick up fresh flowers.

We know that many women claim they don’t enjoy receiving fresh flowers and quite frankly, we don’t buy it. A bouquet of flowers is a classic and simple gesture that goes a long way in showing her you care. Try your best to get to a local florist shop to request a bouquet of mom’s favorite flowers or in the very least, for fresh and in season blooms. Let us also note, we’re not saying you absolutely can’t swing by your neighbourhood grocery store to pick up flowers, but for mother’s day in particular, we suggest putting forth slightly more effort. Trust us; nothing outshines a bundle of blush pink peonies wrapped in brown paper.

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Draw a mid-day bubble bath.

Moms rarely have time to indulge in self-care (never mind in the middle of the day) and typically treat themselves to a soak in the tub only once the children have been tucked into bed, the kitchen has been tidied, laundry has been sorted, and so on. When the naptime hustle or witching hour is upon your household, take a quick minute to draw a hot bath and assure her you’ve got everything under control. Add some bubble bath, light candles, deliver a glass of wine, leave out fresh linens, and don’t take no for an answer when it’s time for her to relax!

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Schedule it for her.

Take a minute to think outside the (gift) box and assist her in making something a priority that perhaps she’s had on the back burner. Has it been ages since she’s had lunch with her girlfriends? Why not send her pals a quick text and get a reservation on the books. Has she been meaning to get to the hair salon for highlights and those blow outs that she used to indulge in on the regular? Book her an appointment. Is she missing her weekly barre classes now that she’s focused on the kids’ extra-curricular activities?  Reserve a spot in an upcoming class. Often actions speak louder than words, knowing she has your support to take time away from the home and squeeze in some self-care is an incredible gift in itself. And because you’ve gone ahead and scheduled the appointment or social event for her, there’s a much slimmer chance that she’ll prioritize something ahead of herself.

Tune in to her subtle hints. Or, just ask.

If you’re hoping to give or plan a little something extra, now is the time to try and pick up on the subtle hints she may be dropping. But if you’re still left wondering and hesitate leaving the day to surprise, it never hurts to ask. No one expects you to be a mind reader and so we don’t think there’s any shame in simply asking her if there’s anything on her wish list. There’s no sense in sending her off for a day of shopping if all she really wants is to curl up in bed with a good book, or picking up a new sweater when what she really needs are new slippers, so we recommend doing some recon work and planning your day accordingly. After all, it’s the thought that counts and your effort is what will really speak volumes. (In addition, we’ve done the leg work and put together a gift guide full of things we totally love, you can shop it here.)

Remind her she’s an incredible mom. All year long.

Of course mother’s day is a super special holiday and we can’t wait to spend the day wrapped in hugs from our little ones (seriously, give us all the homemade glitter cards and handprint crafts), but motherhood is full of peaks and valleys, highs and lows, tears of happiness and tears of exhaustion, and we could use all the reassurance that we can get. Take the time to thank your wife for being the sweet, caring, and thoughtful mom that she is. Remind her that she means the world to you and your little ones and assure her that no one could ever do a more magnificent job. Sing her praises not only on mother’s day but every day, all year long. We know this advice errs on the sappier side, but a healthy and happy mom is truly the best mom, and we know she could benefit from the reassurance that she’s knocking it out of the park, motherhood style.

We’re confident you can pull of an incredible thoughtful and memorable mother’s day – best of luck!