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I’ve been anxiously awaiting this post, we have teamed up with Organics Live – a more than amazing subscription box that has fresh, certified organic produce arriving to my front door every month! If you follow along on our journey you know I am a stay at home mama with two little ones and to be honest heading to the grocery store alone to slowly roam the aisles and select my groceries is a luxury I LOVE yet rarely have. We have been so busy with the kids, our home renovations, Craig’s career and mine that any time I could remotely have to be alone is spent working on something! So, when this collaboration came about with Organics Live I thought to myself…how did I not sign up to this sooner? This is the IDEAL subscription for everyone ESPECIALLY busy mothers!!! Am I right?

Organics Live delivers certified organic, sustainably produced, and locally focused food and grocery items to homes and businesses for less than the cost of shopping retail. Organics Live serves most of Ontario and parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Homemade meals are a must around here and we are a family trying to use as much organic food as we can, this can be difficult as not every grocery store has every organic item you’d want for your recipes or the quality is poor. Not only that but there are times when families want to cook up something healthy but don’t have the ingredients that day and don’t have the time to quickly run to the store (with kids in tow perhaps) to get the goods. Or maybe they’ve tried to shop according to meal plans but always seem to fail miserably- common, you know you’ve done this too. We also try to support local whenever we can – in comes Organics Live!

Feel Good About Every Bite – Organics Live is 100% Certified Organic & Intensely Local-Focused – Organics Live

We have received three boxes now, I truly need to TRY a product with dedication before I can confidently share it with all of you and this one is one I am finding myself SO passionate about. Our kids get so excited when the Organics Live box arrives, they eagerly (and destructively) empty out each item…smelling it, maybe tasting it haha! You would have seen Noah this week if you follow us on Snapchat, he attacked three fruits before I could even see what was inside!

100% Money Back Guarantee ~ 100% Carbon Neutral ~ 100% Certified Organic

In the past month Organics Live has made eating healthier easier for our family, and cooking healthier easier for me. You all know I am a nut about eating healthy, sure I cheat and love my donuts but feeding the kids quality meals is so important to me. I fail sometimes and they get the bread that I prefer they don’t eat or a little too much yoghurt, perhaps a couple of timbits (my fellow canucks I know you get this one)? But with the help of Organics Live I am visiting the grocery store less and spending more time at home cooking up a storm, a healthier storm! It’s especially helpful that I can customize my subscription box (at no extra cost), to the very last orange or bundle of kale and I can pick what size of box I want! If you feel that you are needing more then you can size up, if you feel like you are wasting then you can size down (or give to grandma). The customization is also perfect for families with allergies or picky eaters. You can also decide wether you want the boxes to come weekly, bi weekly or monthly – perfection!

You may ask, where does the food in these boxes come from?

The Organics Live purchasing mandate places a strong emphasis on sourcing from small and mid scale growers and producers, located as close to you as possible. Our program ensures that wherever possible, product is sourced regionally in order to support local economies. We seek, wherever possible, to reduce the footprint of all of our activities and to reduce the number of miles traveled, farm-to-fork. Availability of local produce In parts of Canada and the United States is heavily seasonal. For this reason, we choose to support our local contents with imported product where necessary, with a greater presence of non-local items through the winter and spring. Except where extremely limited alternatives exist (kiwis, for example), we do not purchase food from outside of the Americas. Due to concerns about growing, handling, and shipping practices, we do not purchase any food from China. When we do import product, its travel is offset through our participation in the CarbonFund. As this question is related directly to the conversation about local food versus organic, we’d like to offer some additional insight. It is important to understand that the transportation of food from producers to end consumers accounts for 4% of the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to food production. GHG emissions associated with food are dominated by the production phase, contributing 83% of the average household’s footprint for food consumption. Transportation as a whole accounts only for 11% of life-cycle GHG emissions. For this reason, it is generally more important to consider how food is produced over where it is produced.

Doesn’t all of this make you feel good? I LOVE knowing that I could be supporting local families with my purchases and while eating delicious organic meals cooked from scratch!!!! In their subscription boxes comes a write up about the ingredients in your box and a recipe, last box it was about romaine lettuce and ways to include it in our diet which is always helpful. From now on, every month you will all be finding a feature on Organics Live here on my blog in the form of a recipe. This week I took advantage of the abundance of spinach we received and oranges! We made freshly squeezed orange juice this morning and we’ve included spinach in every meal from smoothies to breakfast salads! In this post you’ll see a salad I put together, it was inspired by one of my favourite salads from our local juicery RIPE. They make a killer salad called “don’t kale my vibe” made up of kale, quinoa, spinach, zucchini, peas, edamame, avocado, cucumber, sesame seeds, purple cabbage and their signature balsamic dressing!! For my salad I used spinach, quinoa, zuchini (cut into spirals of course), peas, purple cabbage, walnuts and apple cider vinegar…we also added avocado and grated carrots after the photos. I will be using the ingredients from my boxes in the blog recipes to come, some may be lunch recipes, snacks, smoothies or dinners but I can promise you they will be made with love and 100% certified organic produce thanks to Organics Live! xo

PS as a special gift to our readers & followers they have prepared a discount code for all of you, you will receive 15% off when you sign up for your box with the code ‘ bonjourOL ‘ ! And if that isn’t incentive enough, you can get $10 off your subscriptions for each friend you refer!!!

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Organics Live Food Living Recipes
This post was made in collaboration with Organics Live, ALL opinions are my own and we are in Love with this company!!