Netflix – Chef’s Table

If you’ve been following my blog over the years you know we are big foodies in this house, I swear my lack of sleep can’t even be blamed on my children…it must be my constant dreaming of food lol! I was so thrilled to join the Netflix Stream Team this year as I was eager to get started on a documentary my family had been raving about – Chef’s Table. It was literally the very first thing Craig and I watched on our new Netflix Membership, when he pushed play at 8pm on a weeknight I was slightly nervous…you see watching people cook delicious foods always make us SO hungry, then we snack until midnight glued to the television only to be rubbing our poor sleepy eyes at 6am when the kiddos rise and shine. But watching this documentary was different, we couldn’t just snack on what we already had in our house as we desperately wanted to be at the farm with New York based chef Dan Barber. Have you watched this documentary yet? If not, grab yourself a glass of wine (make sure you’ve already eaten) and cozy up to have a watch and be in awe. The first of 6 episodes features Dan Barber. This chef truly amazed us, his farm-to-table restaurant is providing a whole new take on going out to eat. The episode really shows his passion for bringing farm fresh food to your plate and actually shows him visiting farms getting ingredients including his very own Blue Hills Farm co-owned by him family and originally purchased by his grandmother. There he is the executive chef and what he does is truly remarkable. I don’t want to spoil anything so go have a watch if you haven’t already, you can find the documentary on Netflix! I promise that if you appreciate good food, you will love it but be warned you won’t be able to stop watching & you’ll be hungry! Click over to Netflix here to get streaming.