Making Home: Progress

We are nearing the reveal of the exterior flip of our home in partnership with Home Depot Canada but we of course had to share the progress so far with you guys. A 4 week project like this isn’t easy let’s be honest, especially with Craig and I having full time jobs already (he is a civil engineer and I am a stay at home mom/blogger), I would be lying if I told you this hasn’t been stressful. BUT even though we’ve had tough moments, it’s been nothing short of amazing! I am so proud of Craig and our team, proud that my vision became a reality and that were even able to complete what we did in such a short time while battling the weather the entire way.

Craig is used to my crazy deadlines and I think deep inside he thrives on them like I do, nothing like some pressure on top of the already day to day pressures am I right lol? He’s been a trooper with being in front of the camera too – so not his thing at all. Thanks boo! 😉

You can check out the full second episode 2 here with all of our progress and stay tuned for next week (Tuesday evening at 9pm) where we share the reveal of the front of the house!!

A big thanks to our team and family for helping make all of this possible and Home Depot Canada for sponsoring this project!