As many of you may know, in the fall we listed our most recent home for sale, privately…and oh what an adventure it was. Needless to say, it didn’t sell privately.

I had these grandeur ideas in my head that selling our home this time around on our own would be as easy as the last, a breeze – without any professionals involved and via marketing through my social media and blog. I must confess, boy was I wrong. We needed to know how to pick a realtor to sell our home and now we know this for any of our future projects too!

Enter Faris Team, a real estate team we’ve actually worked with for 8 years now in the purchasing of our last 3 homes. We actually purchased our first home with them when I was pregnant with Ella! 

We knew if we ever did list with an agent, it would be with Faris Team – a team we trust. We trusted them to help guide us to find and purchase our last 3 homes, each time being a lucrative and positive experience. Ask me again why we didn’t just list with them in the first place, perhaps we’d have it sold sooner right?

We’ve only ever purchased our homes with Faris Team in the past and never actually sold houses with them. Now I know that our private sales were purely luck and that it takes a lot more than I thought to sell a house. Especially within the price range our most recent project is listed for. Sometimes you need to try something on your own even if you fail, to learn to do it right the second time around. Which is exactly why I wanted to share today’s blog post with you. To help you avoid wasting time and money and to of course sell your home quickly, with the best real estate agent and make the most out of the sale of your home too! 

We’ve worked REALLY hard on this home, we’ve put 2 years of design and love into it and I finally feel at ease knowing it will sell to a family that will make lasting memories in it, a feeling I didn’t have when we tried privately I confess.

Realtors Know What to Look For

Selling a house with a realtor can be such an enjoyable experience with the right real estate team, we didn’t know this to be honest until working with Faris Team. We’ve had a first hand experience now and we’ve watched it all come together seamlessly before going on the market. We sincerely had no idea about how many amazing marketing tools Faris Team used for listing and successfully selling a home and how many helpful tools they provided to a seller to make it as stress-free as possible. My sister in law actually did tell me about it, but I was stubborn and thought we could for sure do it on our own. Lesson learned. It’s actually been super fun over the last week to get our home listed with the Faris Team! 

Faris VIP Our home is currently listed on FarisVIP which gives Faris Team clients exclusive access to the largest inventory of homes for sale that aren’t on yet. These are houses that are about to hit the market, and it’s how we found the home we are in right now!
Faris Cares We love the fact that we’re partnering with a team who not only believes in giving back, they put their money where their mouth is too. Through their Faris Cares program, this team makes a charitable donation every time a home is sold. Last year Faris Team gave $100k to local charities!

Faris Team offers things like home staging/cleaning/organizing and professional photography and video, including aerial too. Prestigious listings receive premium hardcover feature books that are filled with detailed information and gorgeous, magazine quality photos – they take selling your home seriously. They list all of their prestigious listings on all of the major real estate boards beyond your local ones and also market it internationally. Another fun thing with prestigious home listings – you get twilight photography, so cool! You guys will see that when our listing is live with Faris Team and I will be sharing it on the blog this coming Monday.

The Bottom Line

I am excited again about our next project, knowing that the sale of this one is in good hands. I feel confident that with their professionalism, marketing tools and all of the other great things that their team brings to the table – means we will sell this house for what it is truly worth. 

Stay tuned on the blog as we will be sharing more of this journey of selling our home with Faris Team and more helpful tips with you in the coming months!