Our New Show!!!

OH MY GOODNESSSSSSS guys we are SO excited to share this news with you!! I have been holding it in for months and we are SO very excited to finally share. Today we launched our first webisode series on YouTube where we share every thing home with you, from renovations to interior design and home tours, DIY – you name it! Today’s very first webisode of 4 is on the exterior flip of our current home in partnership with Home Depot Canada and wait till you see this transformation guys, it’s been such a fun project and the first time we’ve renovated the exterior of a house to this extent.

We’re talking painting of everything, landscaping, new soffit & fascia, new deck & porch and even an outdoor kitchen…well if Craig let’s us haha! So much has been happening the last month on our house, yes you heard that right. MONTH! We’ve only been working on this specific project for 4 weeks, don’t ask me how we get these projects finished so quickly because I am too tired to share ;). Just kidding! We are so thankful to our amazing sponsors, Home Depot Canada has been such a dream to work with this year and we are so proud to be working with them on this. We are also so thankful to our family, friends and crew who have made this project possible!

Here in episode 1 we are sharing the “BEFORE” of our current home and our plans for the exterior,  we’ve been wanting to tackle this since we bought the house less than 2 years ago guys and I am so so excited it is finally happening. This YouTube based show has been on our list of endless to-do’s for years, we always talked about ideas and how it would be based around renovations and home decor but it took time for us to really focus in on our idea as well as surround ourselves with the perfect crew to make it happen. We are still learning and figuring out our groove so we hope you enjoy this first episode and stick around for the rest of the series. Over the next month we will be sharing the exterior flip of our home and then more renovation fun after that, we have SO much in the works and we know you guys are going to love it as much as we enjoy sharing it with you.

Craig and I are far from perfect, we bicker and argue over every project just as much as we laugh about them – renovating a house with 2 kids, a dog and both having full-time jobs isn’t easy but it’s a whole lot of fun! I hope you enjoy taking this authentic step into our lives with us every week to catch up on our latest projects or adventures in the home decor and renovations world and if EVER you guys have any questions we are happy to answer them as best we can. It took a bit of encouragement to get Craig behind the camera with me but I hope you guys can cheer him on, it’s been fun having him in front of the camera with me when his hands aren’t too busy building something for our home! I’ve linked our first episode below for you to check out, let us know what you think and stay tuned for episode 2 next week where we share more progress on the exterior!