Baking Party with Nestlé

Halloween is around the corner which means the sweets are flowing in our house including the Classic Nestlé red box full of assorted chocolates, the best chocolates of course! My husband and I find it extremely hard to not eat this entire box before Halloween, please tell me you guys are the same? We got a ton of trick-or-treaters last year but since we are at a new house and we have no clue what to expect, we stocked up on a bunch of the 100 piece boxes ha ha and we hide them from the kids until Halloween. I think our visitors will be so excited to see the classic Nestlé chocolates as their treat, I know I always was as a kid!

We don’t generally do much for Halloween around here but this year we did things differently. We had a fun baking party at home with the kids last week where we made one of Nestlé’s classic Halloween recipes {found here} with their KIT KAT mini bars and it was oh-so delicious!!!!! No word of a lie, this recipe we made was fully eaten within 24 hours by all of the adults after the kids had one broomstick each (yes I am that “mean” mom. I saved a lot for myself ok – I couldn’t even control myself no matter how hard I tried. The Nestlé mini bars are made with sustainably sourced cocoa certified by UTZ as part of the Nestle Cocoa Plan, are made with natural flavours here in Canada and the SMARTIES do not contain any artificial colouring, something that gives this mama piece of mind around this time of year when we are indulging in the Nestlé treat sized classics. They are also all peanut-free which is super important for all parents right now, we have family littles with allergies and it can be a very stressful time of year and tough for those kids wanting to enjoy the fun but being at risk. This is why Nestlé is our chocolate of choice for Halloween candy to hand out, knowing that we are not putting any kiddos with peanut allergies at risk while they are trick-or-treating or when making the Nestlé recipes for guests visiting gives us peace of mind and we are loving the Spooky Halloween themed packaging right now!

The kids picked our Nestlé recipe for this baking party which was the KIT KAT Witch’s Broomsticks, we had so much fun making them and it was surprisingly so easy to make too. They only took 10 minutes to make using things we already had in our kitchen. I recommend using cast iron cookware to prevent any sticking issues with the marshmallow mixture and I let the kids go to town helping me make the broomsticks, so be kind if they don’t look exactly like the photo on Nestlé’s website lol, we did our best guys!

Nestlé Canada is also hosting a recipe contest online until October 20, 2017. To enter the contest, simply share a Nestlé Halloween recipe featured on the Nestlé website for a chance to win a $30 prize pack of Nestlé Halloween treats guys!!!! The contest is only open to Canadian residents, excluding the province of Quebec.

This post was made in collaboration with Nestlé Canada for their Halloween campaign, check out their full list of creative & fun recipes here!

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