Bed in a Box: Our King Size

Well, we are back from our family vacation in Malibu and I have to say, there is nothing like coming home to your own bed. We’ve all been having trouble not sleeping in, no one wants to get out of bed. Yes, we are those parents that let our kids come into bed with us in the wee hours to come snuggle – we love it and I will always soak it up. They aren’t little forever!
The kids love our big bed as much as we do, but we didn’t love it as much last year. We truly fell in love with our bed once we invested in a good quality mattress. Oh what a difference a good mattress makes on your sleep – my back issues were history.
After having both of the kids I was always having sharp pains in the mornings in the middle of my lower back, right near my spine. I knew for sure it had something to do with our old mattress and I was right, as soon as my first sleep on our new Silk Symphony Mattress – my back pain was gone! Bed in a Box offers a 120 Night risk free guarantee and a 20 year warranty, they know you will love your new mattress like we do. I always appreciate when a company has offers like these, it shows me they truly believe in their product and stand behind it. Funny enough, the bed arrived in a BOX. A box guys! I had no idea our massive mattress would come from such a small box. We opened it and slowly rolled it onto the bed as it expanded – the kids thought it was the coolest thing ever! The only con with this mattress is that Gatsby our dog is also so in love with it that any time I take the sheets off to make the bed with fresh ones, he jumps on and makes himself at home  ha ha – I guess our dog has good taste! Bed in a Box has also partnered up with the National Humane Society and will be donating a portion of proceeds during the Halloween sale to make a life-changing difference for homeless animals!. A little something extra to make you feel even better about your new mattress purchase and you can check out the Bed in a Box website by clicking here! The sale is running Oct. 13th – 31st where you get a set of Free Sheets & a Mattress Protector with any mattress purchase. We’ve appreciated our mattress cover over the duration of trying out mattress, you never know what can happen when a toddler is bunking up in your bed ha ha!
Not only is the Silk Symphony mattress super comfy & luxuriously quilted, it has tailoring options for it’s sleepers. I like my side more hard and Craig prefers a more soft mattress – each of our sides are different and tailored to our preferences! We also love how tall our mattress is, with having a platform bed we knew we wanted a high mattress – this one has 3 special layers on the surface.
A 2″ silk blended quilted top that feels like a cloud and is moisture wicking.
  • Made with a silk blend for beauty, comfort and durability
  • Silk is the strongest (and one of the softest) natural fibers
  • Has a high rate of absorbency and will draw moisture away from the body, allowing you to sleep cooler
  • Two layers of soft quilting foam that works with memory foam to relieve pressure
A 3″ Coolrest Gel Foam that contours, helps you sleep cooler and relieves pressure. My back appreciates this layer the most I think!
  • Perfectly contours to your body providing improved pressure relief to reduce tossing & turning
  • Open cell structure increases air flow, contributing to a cooler sleep
  • Reduces motion transfer, allowing you to move without waking your partner
  • 3 lb density rebounds (takes it shape) quicker making it easier to change positions
The 3rd is 8″ of SUREALIGN Foam to help support & align your spine – so important!
  • Designed to support & correctly align your spine so you can sleep better with less tossing & turning
  • Works in tandem with CoolRest® Gel memory foam and provides perfect support for long lasting comfort
  • Helps to distribute body weight evenly across the mattress
  • 2.4 lb density core is more durable than conventional foams & accommodates any sleep position
The total height of our mattress is about 14″ high and we have the king size. We love having a big mattress to fit all 4 of us comfortably, while the kids are little any ways haha!
Bed in a Box is actually running a sale for Halloween as well in case you’ve been hunting for the perfect mattress for yourself or someone in the family. Bed in a Box carries 7 different styles of mattresses with different features for every sleeper and different price points, I know you will find something for you!