DIY: Floral Wrapping Paper

July 2017

DIY: Floral Wrapping Paper Lifestyle Renos & DIY
DIY: Floral Wrapping Paper Lifestyle Renos & DIY
DIY: Floral Wrapping Paper Lifestyle Renos & DIY
I am so excited to be sharing one of my favourite bloggers with all of you today, meet Lucy of Craftberry Bush! I couldn’t wait to feature her recent DIY floral wrapping paper on the blog, it is such a creative and unique project. She is always filling my instagram feed with beautiful inspiration from her gorgeous home to her incredible DIY posts that I fall madly in love with…I know will fall in love with her too! Take it away Lucy….

Hello! I’m Lucy from Craftberry Bush and I’m so happy to be here at Bonjour Bliss.
I love receiving flowers, who doesn’t? But gifting a little bouquet to a friend or family member is also something that brings me joy. I love the idea of making a little bouquet even more special by creating my own floral wrap. I think it gives it that extra little touch!
I often hear people say that watercolor intimidates them, but hopefully after giving it a go, you’ll see that watercolor is in fact a very forgiving medium because it doesn’t have to be perfect. In my opinion the imperfections give watercolor even more beauty.
If you don’t have access to a printer, you can easily use this method and paint these on regular paper and of course, you don’t have to just use the paper as a floral wrap, but you can also use it to wrap small gifts like I have done here. I also think these would look darling sitting individually at a table setting and would make a gorgeous hostess gift. Don’t you?
Thank you so much Roxanne for allowing me to share a little bit of my passion with your readers.
Much love,

What did you guys think? Do you love it? Imagine all of the fun you could do what this DIY paper? Placemats, table runner, frame it? I absolutely adore it being used for a bouquet like the images above! Lucy and I have a bunch of plans to work together this coming fall with great things to share with you, we can’t wait!! You can find Lucy on Instagram by clicking {here}!

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