Last Minute Hostess Gifts

Are you on the hunt for some last minute gifts ideas? Today we’ve put together a list of 5 last minute hostess gifts – but really, they would be great for any one! Have a scroll below to see our recommendations for last minute gifts this holiday season that can wishfully get you out of a bind…


Wine Sweaters. Need I say more? The cuteness is overwhelming, or maybe I am just a sucker for things like this! That reindeer sweater kills me, any hostess would appreciate their favourite bottle of wine in an adorable sweater as such. I especially love the knit Santa pants that hold 2 bottles! We found many of these at our local Homesense and then some on Etsy.

You can even pair this with a beautiful rosé pineapple bottle opener like the one in our photo by Greville Society.

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Coffee. A quick and easy gift is running into your hostess’ favourite coffee shop for a reusable travel mug and gift card, just stick the gift card inside the travel mug & voila! If they are a Starbucks love, they carry tons of different travel mugs this time of year and festive gift cards. If you are looking to avoid plastic in your gifts, purchase your gift card online and simply email it to your hostess!


If your hostess is a fan of fresh flowers or house plants, this is a great last minute gift to say thank you. My favourite house plant to gift is a rubber plant as it is truly the easiest to take care of. You can visit your local nursery/greenhouse and get a small one with a pot for it to live in. Tie a ribbon around it, smack a card on the front and presto! Or you can pick up a lovely bouquet of flowers that the hostess can put on display for the entire family and enjoy for the week to follow. We found this cute one wrapped in candy canes on Etsy that you could re-create. Better yet, you can also call an edible blooms local company or make an edible bouquet yourself with melons and berries!


Games. Sometimes house parties can get a little lame, why not liven things up with some board game fun? You could put together a quick gift bag of the classics and some not so PG ones too! We suggest UNO, Cranium, Charades (fun in teams) or Cards Against Humanity. This is a great gift that the hostess can keep using for years.


Homemade. Everyone loves baked goods, wether it be fresh cookies or muffins – they will be appreciate. Look up some recipes based on the ingredients you have on hand, or visit the grocery store if you can and keep it simple. I would also suggest doing something nut free and even dairy free if you can so that more guests can enjoy them! Chocolate chip cookies are always a hit or you can try your hand at some vegan gingerbread cookies with the recipe we shared {here}. If you are seriously running low on time, a big box of chocolates and a nice Christmas card are always appreciated too!

I hope these 5 ideas can help you out this holiday season, if you are looking for last minute gifts for the kids you may find some of our suggestions helpful. See out full post {here} for the little ones.

We wish you the Merriest Christmas ever!!

The Bonjour Bliss Team xo