Our Wallpaper Collection

Long gone are those days of me dreaming about having a wallpaper line to decorate our walls with, gone are the days of me wishing the patterns I saw in my head could be shared with our audiences. Our Wallpaper Collection is LIVE and you can find it HERE!!!

Bonjour Blooms

Astrid of Curated Walls and I have been friends since Noah was a weee babe, 7 years now. We first featured her fun wall decor in his nursery, the sweetest pine trees were placed all over the feature wall and still they are one of my fav products we worked with over the years. We partnered with Curated Walls when we did the super fun Christmas jingle lyrics on our staircase and when we had to opportunity to partner with them to launch a curated wallpaper collection, we of course sad yes! Astrid is the owner & founder of Curated Walls and she is such a good soul, when she visited to help install some of our wallpaper we stayed up into the wee hours laughing like we were kids again. We are so grateful to do this with partnership with a brand we’ve not only collaborated with for years but have also become great friends!

French-Canadian lifestyle blogger Roxanne West combines her love of Ontario’s great outdoors, fresh cut flowers and dreamy home spaces in this nature inspired collection.
With a nod to her French roots, these nostalgic wallpapers embrace
old world charm, reborn classics and lush evergreen prints. 

As mentioned in the quote pulled from our collection over at Curated Walls, this wallpaper line was nature inspired while also playing into my French background. We hope that you feel our love of animals, the outdoors and of course florals within this collection. I really wanted nostalgic and classic prints that you could use in your home confidently and pair with existing or new furniture, and with Curated Walls offering our collection in a variety of wallpapers – installation can be a fun weekend DIY project too!

Many of you have been asking if I have a favourite from the collection and while I love all of them equally, we selected 4 prints to feature within our new home and I knew right away which ones they would be.

The Homestead

The Homestead Wallpaper is a magical one to me, I fell in love with it instantly! When I saw it I pictured Ella and Noah reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe in a meadow and getting lost in their imaginations. I pictured our dreams of a small homestead, ducklings and horses. This wallpaper is super special to me – we picked it for our laundry room paired with hunter green cabinetry, brass fixtures and a soft herringbone tile floor. And we also (right before installation), decided to carry it entirely into the mudroom too we love it so much. Next month we are actually revealing the laundry room and I can’t wait to show you guys!

“Homestead” brings us back to a slower pace of life, where simple pleasures of reading in the meadow and strolling the country lanes fill our days.

Wild Magnolia

Wild Magnolia envelops my love of florals and greenery, if you are no stranger to this blog you know my love of the colour green. This was my way of adding my favourite colour into one of the spare bedrooms without overwhelming the space, and who doesn’t love a beautiful floral wallpaper and feature wall? I am in love with this print as well. It would be great for a dining room or bedroom, especially beautiful in a nursery!

Forest Friends

Forest Friends is just plain adorable, don’t you think? Our kiddos LOVE animals, and so do we so this was a super fun wallpaper print to include in our collection. So much of our life is spent outdoors with the kids and learning about animals, especially within our homeschooling. This wallpaper comes in 3 different colours and we chose to use the blue for the kids shared bathroom, you guys are going to love it! We will be revealing this space after the laundry room.

Wild and Free

The fourth print from our collection that we chose to include in our new home is the Wild and Free, Ella and Astrid actually created this print together as Ella loves horses. It was honestly adorable how Astrid face timed with Ella to plan it out and chat about it, naturally this is Ella’s favourite wallpaper of the entire collection. We will be doing a feature wall with this paper in another of the bedrooms. Not only do I love the free spirited vibe of this wallpaper, I love the minimalist tones. I can’t wait to pare it with wood tones, a classic simple bed frame and linen bedding.

There are 10 prints in our wallpaper collection and we love them all! On the Curated Walls website you can see each of them and how they look in a variety of spaces. You can also purchase samples so that you can see our wallpaper in person, in your space and how they work with your current design, furniture or plans. I know many of you have been ordering samples and we can’t wait to see our wallpaper in your spaces, please tag us if you do. This is a dream come true and we are so happy to share it with you!

Morning Song

If you decide to share your space with us, please email a photo to hello@bonjourblissblog.com as we will be doing a full feature on The Roxanne West Collection in your homes! xo