Bathroom Reveal

Finally, we are revealing my bathroom!! Oh goodness, where do I start with this post? It has been such a labour of love, with moments where I thought I was going to cry from the delays to moments where I wanted to dance like Carlton at the results of things completing…seriously though. A full home renovation is not without it’s stresses as you know but I am so glad that my vision came to life for this space thanks to a fun collaboration with Wayfair! A transformation to say the least guys, I even included a few before images at the end of the post so you could see the difference. We literally gutted this room (well and the entire house) and started from scratch.

We worked with Wayfair to transform the space, it all started with a clawfoot tub and a brilliant brass vintage tub faucet and my vision grew from there. The tub was my first pick and it was such a great deal, I wanted one that could comfortable fit two people – a soaker tub, I compared all of my favs – their measurements, their reviews (ahem, Wayfair reviews are the greatest way to help you shop) and even compared all of the details on each of their clawfoot feet until I picked this one, and boy am I in love with it. It’s great for bathing the kids and also to relax at the end of the day with a glass of wine and a good read!

It was so easy to find the faucet to pair with this tub since Wayfair provides all of the specs and dimensions on the items they list, SO helpful for Craig and I when shopping for pieces during our renovations. Ps it can save a few arguments too lol – just look at the specs, it’s all there! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I knew I wanted to mix metals in this bathroom which was a huge step for me, it gave me anxiety seeing different metals mixed in a room prior to this space…now I am obsessed! We have brass on the tub, in the shower and even on the mirrors and then chrome on the vanity handles, vanity lighting, vanity faucet and ceiling light! I think it all works well together and I mixed in some wood pieces too for some balance. The bamboo shades, the wooden frame on our print above the tub on the shiplap wall and of course the ladder. I wanted a spot close to the tub to hold our towels and so the ladder was that perfect addition to the space!

I love that I can go into this space and feel like I am in my own oasis but also feel great in the space daily using it with my kids too. This bathroom is a breeze to clean as well because the flooring is actually porcelain! We wanted cement tile for in here but after using that in our mudroom and laundry room, I knew I didn’t want it for the bathroom. Porcelain is just by far the easiest to clean, especially with toddlers and a dog running around! We chose marble for the vanity top (it’s sealed don’t worry lol) and marble for the shower, I am and always will be in love with marble subway tile…it gets me every time. Craig knew I wanted a touch of herringbone as well so he did a fun insert for me on the floor of the shower and the little insert for my shower items. Such a keeper that man! PS Craig finally started an Instagram and he’s hoping to start sharing more of our DIY stuff with all of you, you know the processes and messy stuff that I don’t share much of lol. His IG name is @craigrwest or click {here} to follow him!

Our faucets on the vanity as well as our brass set in the shower are from Delta Canada, we were so thankful that Wayfair carried Delta products because they are our FAVOURITE for bathroom renovations. They are such great quality at great price points and we’ve used Delta for all of our bathrooms in this house! They have a great selection and you can search by brand in the Wayfair system when browsing faucets – super helpful. This is probably why Wayfair is my favourite place to shop online for home items, their search engine is the BEST. Excuse all the caps, but I am feeling quite passionate today haha! They have options to narrow down to colouring, finish, sizes, and more. It saves me time from scrolling through 29 pages of 100’s of items and I can get right down to what I know I am looking for.

We used this ceiling light every where in our last house and I knew I wanted it for this one, it has that farmhouse feel for me while still looking elegant and I loved how it paired so nicely with the vanity sconces by our mirrors. There is also something about the cylinder light peeking out from behind our Metrie Fashion Forward doors as well, that detail that just draws my eyes.

Our mirrors, would you believe that these mirrors were the 3rd set I ordered for this space? If you remember our bathroom progress post, we had arched mirrors originally for in here and then oval ones after that. Third time’s a charm right lol? The first 2 orders just didn’t look right in the space and once I saw these I fell in love – I want them for every bathroom now!!! I wanted to have a girly feel to the space just a bit while still making it husband friendly, he loves the bathroom as much as I do which is great. He especially loves our American Standard self-cleaning toilets haha, we also put those in every bathroom!

I ordered the bathtub caddy from Wayfair as well, it holds my glass of wine perfectly, a book and a candle or my fav bath product (or phone if you’re like me and end up on Pinterest lol). It’s so inexpensive and you can find all of the items from this reveal linked below, almost every thing is on sale!

Vanity | Bathtub | Bathtub Faucet | Ladder | Mirrors | Ceiling Light | Bathtub Caddy | Shower Headย | Palm Leaf Dish

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And here are a few images of the before…

Another angle…