A healthy juice with Breville & Giveaway #1

A healthy juice with Breville & Giveaway #1 Food Living Recipes Uncatagorized

We are all striving to live healthier lifestyles and let’s face it, it isn’t easy! I can tell you that I am a slave to freshly baked pastries and I usually cannot stop at home, but when I tell myself that it’s time to get serious – I start with fresh juices. Whenever I am feeling like a detox I always start with my favourite juice recipe, the one my kids love too and today I am sharing it with you guys! We’ve used Breville juicers for YEARS now and most recently we upgraded our machine to the Juice Fountain Elite model. We used to make our veggie juices once every couple of weeks but since upgrading we’ve actually been doing it twice a week, our kids don’t really ever get juice – they LOVE water so when we make our vegetable juices they are so excited! They’re naturally sweetened with fresh organic apples so it works in our favour.

We still visit our local juicery sometimes but it isn’t in our budget to do something like that daily which is why we originally invested in a Breville juicer, we did so much research on which brand and model to buy and the Breville ones had such good ratings and reviews. I believe it was after I had Ella and I was breastfeeding and I wanted to maximize on my nutrients intake to make sure Ella was getting the best of the best just as I was and I of course needed the energy!

There’s 2 speed options on this juicer model which keeps things super simple and it’s honestly super easy to clean, my only advice is clean it right away!!! It comes with a brush for cleaning and the only time you’d have an issue is if you leave the mesh filter sit after juicing, but I mean sitting for awhile lol. This isn’t one of those leave it till tomorrow machines if you want to take good care of it. It’s easy to just remove the mesh filter pieces and carefully wash and rinse them and lay to dry.

Breville carries juicers in a variety of price points, what we love about the Juice Fountain Elite by Breville is that the 1000 watt motor spins up to 13,000 RPMs to give you  more juice than traditional juicers. And over 40,000 filtering pores ensure you’ll get smooth, delicious, healthy juice every time! We also love the large 3″ chute, I can throw an entire handful of celery in or even a whole apple! No need to peel or break most vegetables down meaning less prep time for this mama in the kitchen! You can see the full line of Breville Canada juicers on their website {here}.

Ultra sharp titanium reinforced cutting disc surrounded by Italian made micro mesh filter to extract up to 20% more  vitamins and minerals than other juicers.

Our recipe is so simple, we use 4 organic carrots, 2 organic apples, a bundle of organic celery and a big chunk of organic ginger and I’ve even snuck in some fresh garlic before too! This usually makes us enough for 2 kids and 2-3 adults depending on how much they want. Once our juice is made we squeeze some organic lemon juice inside & serve! Sometimes we add beets but they’re super messy so that is more of a once in awhile thing haha! When friends visit they actually love when I am making fresh juice, it’s a total guilt free indulgence and a lot of people truly have no idea how good it tastes.

I usually juice the carrots first and remove the pulp from the pulp container attachment, I usually bag and refrigerate it for carrot muffins the next day – super handy & delicious! I saved our last batch of carrot pulp to actually use to make Gatsby some homemade dog treats he has been loving, I’ll share the recipe on the blog soon I promise!

This machine is one that mom & dad use only, we let the kids join in by washing the vegetables and fruits with us but the juicing itself is left to the parents & the Breville juicer itself. I do love that the Juicer will not operate without the juicer cover in place and the safety locking arm in place in the vertical operating position, that puts me at ease that there is a safety mechanism to avoid accidents.

Fresh  juice is like drinking a natural vitamin filled with living enzymes, essential minerals, antioxidants, and natural antibiotics, which are vital for optimal health.

I notice huge differences in my health and my skin when consistently drinking fresh juices, especially around the chillier months of the year. With our daughter starting school this year I feel like we’ve had every flu bug enter our house imaginable so as soon as our new machine came in we started making and drinking our juices. It’s so nice first thing in the morning after a glass of water, I promise you that if you try it you will see a significant change in the start of your day from energy and clarity to just that nice healthy gut feeling. Try it before your coffee and see the energy you feel. I noticed a huge difference in my skin after about a week of having this juice every day, my skin was healthier looking, more plump and hydrated and it had a nice glow that was missing because of me drowning in doughnuts and coffee every day!

When you’re juicing your fruits &vegetables at home, not only can you mix and match almost any kind of produce (like the stuff you’re trying to get rid of), but you can also keep the skin on which ups the nutritional factor. By adding fresh juices to your diet you are getting more fibre, more vitamins & minerals and it can also help with weight loss if that is one of your goals. There’s a great book by Michael J. Murray called The Complete Book of Juicing that you can find at your local Indigo or bookstore, or you can shop it online {here}! In this book Murray reminds us that “there’s a reason why your body feels good when you eat healthy foods — and why you feel so tired after eating junk.” According to Murray, our bodies use energy to convert the foods we eat into liquids to be absorbed. When you drink juice, your body is essentially skipping this step and saving energy.  And if you are trying to live a more plant based lifestyle this is also a great way to start! As a parent we love the fact that we can also hide so many nutrient packed ingredients into the juices without the kids knowing. The apple in our recipe above masks most of the other flavours and if you take it easy on the ginger & lemon it’s a great first juice for them to try and build from there.

I’ve linked to a bunch of my favourite juicing books below and you can find this Breville juicer at your local Bed, Bath & Beyond store, or you can shop it online {here}.

This year we were adamant that we wanted our giveaways around the holidays to reflect our lifestyle and the amazing brands we’ve partnered with this year, we selected 9 giveaways for all of you and today is our first one! One lucky winner will be winning the Breville Juicer Elite for their family to enjoy some fresh delicious juices and we are SO excited about it. Entering the contest is super easy, all you have to do is:

  1. Share this blog post on your Facebook and…
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You can enter as many times as you want and the giveaway is open to Canadians AND Americans! Good luck, winners will be announced here on the blog on Christmas Eve and entries close at midnight on December 23rd!

WINNER OF THE GIVEAWAY IS: nlege051@gmail.com Nicole Leger…Congratulations! Please email us at hello@bonjourblissblog.com

A healthy juice with Breville & Giveaway #1 Food Living Recipes Uncatagorized
Photography by Jessica Denischuck This blog post was made in partnership with Breville Canada, all opinions are my own.