East Coast Glamping with Chevrolet

Can someone please tell me why we have never explored the East Coast of Canada before!?!

This fall we had the pleasure of joining Chevrolet Canada to go on an adventure, but not just any adventure guys – we went glamping in the East Coast. You guys know I believe in fate and the power of positive thinking and it was so wild that for months Craig and I were trying to decide on what to purchase as our 2nd family vehicle. We were test driving things, debating our options and still we couldn’t decide on anything. And in came this lovely invite for us to not only go glamping with Chevrolet and explore the East Coast of Canada, but also to do all of this exploring in the new 2018 Traverse. Um, yes please am I right!?!

This was the most fun camping experience ever, we’ve yet to take the kiddos camping with us but Craig and I used to go camping together every summer before kids – I think in the first year of dating we actually went camping together 3 times? There’s nothing like getting to know that special someone like having to go #2 in the woods in the middle of the night am I right? LOL Not sexy…at all.

But any ways, back to the more glamorous way of camping – glamping, with Chevrolet. Talk about fun! We landed in Moncton and the fun started right away, we were brought to our designated 2018 Traverse for the drive to our glamping site in the Bay of Fundy and we were off to lunch en route. Right away we knew we liked the vehicle, we loved how luxurious it looked with the blacked out rims and comfy leather seats – we also loved the built-in wifi and of course the Apple car play for myself. This felt like a bloggers dream for a press trip to be honest, Chevrolet Canada made sure I had every thing I needed to share this adventure with you guys and from the feedback, you loved tagging along via social! So thankful for you guys!!

Our first stop was a gorgeous bakery called the Cranewood on Main in New Brunswick, the decor was every thing – there is a great history to this spot so make sure you check it out if you are ever in the area. It was there that we learned more about the features of our vehicle and headed on the long haul to the glamping location. There was so much beauty a long the way, the scenery along the drive was breathtaking including the Bay of Fundy. Our glamping site was also, so very adorable. They had chairs inside and a big bed for us, string lights from the ceiling and hand/foot warmers – even some local skincare goodies! We unpacked and got ready for dinner – my absolute favourite part of the trip, hands down…

Dinner was, breathtaking. The Chevrolet team brought us all to the Lighthouse on Cape D’Or at Advocate Harbour, for a traditional lobster boil!!! The sunset was incredible with healthy pink skies and the smell of the water was intoxicating in the best way, every thing just felt fresh. This location has a panoramic view from where the Bay of Fundy runs into the Minas Channel, incredible right? In this spot we captured my favourite drone footage from our entire trip – you can see a video we made in collaboration with Chevrolet Canada {here} on my Instagram!

After a delicious dinner and great conversation with all of the new friends we made on this fun trip, we all headed back for a bonfire and star gazing. It was really fun to experience this with Craig, he had such a blast and it was kind of romantic too! We woke up to a crisp (and yes cold) air, fresh barbecues breakfast (a local blueberry breakfast pie included) and hot coffee. Bliss.

We packed up our things and we were all back on the road towards our next piece of the adventure, boating along the coast in the most hillarious big red (and crazy warm) suits. I loved getting to see the view of the Bay of Fundy from the water, it all felt really replenishing if that makes sense? Being on the water, experiencing the East Coast from a locals perspective was really, really fun and heartwarming.

After the boating fun we drove to Nova Scotia in our Traverse. We turned on our heated seats after the chilly boat ride, Craig warmed up his hands with the heated steering wheel (yes, it’s amazing) and we enjoyed the view along the way. The drive to Nova Scotia was once again breathtaking, we even managed to make a stop where a local bag piper was playing! Now our next stop, was the spot that has in my opinion the best darn seafood chowder in the world…the Wild Caraway Restaurant in Nova Scotia. It even comes with fresh bread, I could have lived off of that chowder all week I swear it lol! You MUST go there if you ever go to Nova Scotia, they even made me one of the best lattes I have EVER had after lunch!!! Craig isn’t a seafood guy and even he was impressed with the chowder, he ordered…I don’t even remember what he ordered to be honest. I am just picturing that chowder and fresh bread, salivating.

After lunch, and more drone flying of course we were off to the airport in our Traverse. I uploaded a bunch of stories on the in-vehicle wifi and texted my mom with apple car play to find out how the kids were doing.

The 2018 Traverse has Built-in OnStar® 4G LTE with Wi-Fi® hotspot capability2 for up to seven compatible devices means the Internet comes along for the ride, almost anywhere you go.

One of my other favourite features of the 2018 Traverse that you will briefly see in our video is their 360 aerial parking aid view, backing up a big vehicle isn’t always easy and as a parent you are extra cautious of small things around a vehicle when in motion. The aerial parking aid is by far one of my favourite features – it makes me feel SO much more at ease when backing into a space in a parking lot or backing out in general.

SURROUND VISION– When you’re parking or traveling at low speeds, this available technology uses strategically placed cameras to create a virtual bird’s-eye view of the vehicle. The system is made up of four cameras – the standard rear vision camera, a forward-looking camera in the front grille and one under each side mirror of the vehicle.

Craig loves that the Traverse we drove has all wheel drive and a 3.6L V6 engine that delivers an impressive 305 horsepower and available towing capability to haul almost anything you need on your next adventure. I was also soooo in love with the hands free tail gate opening technology, I literally waved my foot underneath the back of the vehicle while my hands were full of our stuff and it opened for me. Imagine that with hands full of groceries guys!!!

We had so much fun testing the line up of the new 2018 Traverse models, Craig’s favourite trim kit was the Redline while mine was the High Country – I have a thing with tan leather interior! We loved the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse so much that we actually signed up for a long term partnership with Chevrolet Canada. We are so proud to be working with them beyond the super fun East Coast glamping adventure and we hope you stay tuned to hear more! You can view the all new Traverse models on the Canadian Chevrolet website {here}, I would love to know what you guys think and which trim kit is your favourite! 

This blog post was made in partnership with Chevrolet Canada, all opinions as always are my own. We are so proud to be collaborating with Chevrolet Canada.