Village Juicery

Chevron Tote: Kayu Designs | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Jumpsuit: Zara | Heels: Aldo

After countless emails and snaps from you guys asking me what my favourite juicery is in Toronto I decided to feature Toronto’s first certified organic juicery – Village Juicery & their resert program! I absolutely LOVE visiting this juicery in the Roncy area when we’re in the city, they have the cutest space in the back where the kids can play and read while I have a meeting over some healthy strawberry almond milk and they sip some fresh juice. I don’t think many businesses truly get how amazing it is for us mamas to go to a shop that has a clean, creative space for the little ones right where the seating area is. This shop is so well kept and tidy, bright and full of positivity – it becomes more of a visit than just a stop for juice!

I was recently asked to take part in trying their reset program and I’ve been going through so many digestive issues lately that I was 110% up for the challenge. My sleep has been so off and so has my diet, work has been overwhelmingly busy the past 3 months and we’ve been su busy with renos on the house that my health took a back seat (bad, I know). It’s important that mama stays healthy too, sometimes I focus so much on healthy eating habbits for the kids that I forget about myself + I’ve been on a glazed croissant binge!!!! UGH, well I was. Since the cleanse I have been trying hard to eat super clean. More raw veggies and fruits, less cheese and more water. After 3 days of their reset program that included delicious juices & salads I felt incredible. I didn’t feel starved or depleted, I felt recharged and full of clarity. It included a super simple Kale Tabouli salad that I have been craving every day since the cleanse, you can find it on their website menu {here}! I’m also gaga over their seasonal flavour shake for spring/summer ’16. It’s hazelnuts, strawberry, coconut water, alkaline water and raw, sprouted vegan protein with pink salt. SO GOOD!!!!! I know a cleanse can be scary to some, they assume that they will be drinking water, lemon & pepper for a week…not the case guys. At village juicery you are working with a certified holistic nutritionist that will personalize the cleanse to your needs, they have a full questionnaire they sit with you to go over to really target what issues may be going on within your body. I think my biggest fear was cutting out coffee & cheese but surprisingly I didn’t miss either during those three days. The reset program I took part in is 3 days that are tailored to your tastes, experience and objectives, I’ll break it down for you below…

Day 1: Prepare

$40 per day or $75 per day with prepared food3 Juices • 2 Boosters • 3 Plant-Based Meals

Gradually prepare your body to remove solid foods from your diet
Build a heightened awareness of what and when you eat
Begin to adjust to heightened nourishment and new organic intakes

Day 2: Eliminate

$75 per day5 Juices • 1 Nut Milk • 2 Boosters

Reset and clear out your digestive system
Eliminate built-up toxins in your body
Reinforce your will with positive and motivating intentions

Day 3: Reset

$40 per day or $75 per day with prepared food3 Juices • 2 Boosters • 3 Plant-Based Meals

Allow your body to re-adapt to solid foods gradually
Promote plant-based foods as a staple part of your diet
Establish lasting positive habits

A raw diet, a cleanse is an investment in your health, that’s something you need to remember when looking at programs like this. Think about what you spend in a work day if you are “buying out” or what you spend on groceries just for yourself and if that food is GOOD, HEALTHY food. Between Barrie Ripe Juicery & Toronto’s Village Juicery I have two amazing juiceries that I visit and buy from often. To some people it’s too pricey but to us it’s worth it. I’m always inspired to get funky with salads at home. If anything, they should inspire your next grocery cart to be full of organic, raw ingredients vs processed junk ESPECIALLY if you are a parent. With two toddlers at home I am constantly reminding myself that I am the hand that is feeding two humans under 4, a crucial time when we are moulding the building blocks that make up their system – it’s up to us to give them to best start possible. If you find shopping for organic foods difficult you can always do what we do and get an Organics Live box every month too! If you haven’t been into one of Village Juicery’s in Toronto, they have 2 locations – one on College & one on Roncesvalles. You can also check out their pretty Instagram {here}, or visit the education section on their website for some interesting reading!

Now, about the fashion for this juicery visit. This jumpsuit nearly never made it out of the shopping bag, I snapped it while shopping at Zara one day and no one was keen on it other than my friend shopping with me…so, I bought it any ways – I mean who actually listens to shopping advice any ways? I tend to usually do exactly the opposite that people suggest and I am glad I bought it! You guys know my home is filled with greenery and flowers so naturally I gravitate towards floral printed clothing. It is incredibly comfy, so light and perfect for those hotter days we’ve been having! What’s even better about it? This jumpsuit is on sale for $29.99 right now!!!!! If this one isn’t your style I’ve also linked to a bunch of my favourites below. Happy shopping! xo


All photography from this post was taken by Tamara Lockwood!