Biotherm Everlump

When life hands you wrinkles, you hydrate your skin with Biotherm’s new Aquasource Everplump! It’s very hydrating on application and pushes fine lines at bay quickly,in one week guys! See results for yourself with the promo code ‘Roxanne10’ for $10 off any Biotherm purchase done at I’ve been using the Everplump for 6 days now and I am already noticing a huge difference in fine lines and in the plumpness of my skin, I also love that it can be used on sensitive skin especially around my eyes! The scent is very light which is also a plus for me!

The new daily moisturizer that plumps skin up. New highly dense gel texture so plumping even fine lines are pushed away. Full of moisture, replenished and strengthened, skin gets incredible smoothness. A breakthrough texture feels like a gel but 2X more charged in active ingredients vs. Biotherm regular moisturizer. Blue Hyaluron™, a natural Hyaluronic Acid plumper born from aquatic biology, glycerine and further hydrating actives, penetrate fast. In seconds skin is dewy smooth & fully moisturized from morning to evening. Can be used on sensitive skin & the eye contour! One dab of gel breaks into millions of micro-drops on contact, absorbing so fast, skin already looks fuller. Feels fresh as gel, tingly active as serum, smoothing as primer. Thanks to its reverse water-in-oil breakthrough: bringing skin twice the level of moisturizing agents without stickiness. – Biotherm Aquasource Everplump


Throughout history, French Pyrenees hot springs have been lauded as a “fountain of youth”. Centuries later, Biotherm biologists were inspired by the a living micro-organism in this miraculous water with extraordinary properties. For its first time, Life Plankton was infused at its highest concentration in Life Plankton Essence. Life Plankton Essence is effective as a serum, yet as lightweight as a cosmetic water for fast penetration and deep-working efficacy. Created to be the 1st step of every beauty routine, this breakthrough texture, that applies like a cosmetic water and transforms into the lightest of serums, works as an incredible essence. In 8 days see and feel a new-born skin. – Biotherm LifePlankton Essence