wedding wednesday


The ceremony…I still remember my heart feeling like it was about to jump out of my chest as I walked around the corner with my dad to head down the aisle. And that’s it, I don’t remember actually walking down the aisle, just the feeling before hand and seeing Craig and the kits at the finish line…my dad actually gave me the play by play as I walked down even reminding me when my maid of honour would be taking my bouquet. Talk about adrenaline people and I’ve had 2 kids without epidurals!! Our wedding day was such a sweet one, and as incredibly hot of a day it was we were so blessed to have the sun shining bright. Of course there were moments where I wished some loved ones that couldn’t make it were there, my nana in particular…she was my favourite person in the world and passed a few months before we found out we were pregnant with our first. Special days like these really bring out the best in people and remind you of all the important things like family & friends, we were so lucky to have a perfectly intimate wedding surrounded by those who’ve all played a big part in our and our kids lives. My dress was every thing I had hoped for, for the ceremony I wore the tulle overlay and bow sash that I loved so much. I am so happy I went with a Canadian designer and so thankful Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay sent me their way! I am also so happy I went with a bright and colourful shoe, when I tried on some bridal shoes in a few locations I just knew it wasn’t for me…I wanted unique and fun and when Ella grabbed the Imorana heels when we were in Kate Spade and said “mommy these!!” in that contagious squeal of hers it was decided. I love how in the picture of us walking back from the arch you can see a little peep of them! We originally wanted grey or black suits but in the end we chose the tux…there’s just something about a crisp black tux and a paired bowtie. I mean ladies, bowties are just perfection aren’t they? I ordered 2 different style dresses for my flower girls and when they tried on these vintage floral ones…I died, they were also perfection. We were sent some gorgeous ballet flats for the girls and tie up shoes for Noah but by the time ceremony hit it was so incredibly hot out that the girls ended up in sandals and Noah barefoot…relaxed, comfortable and real, exactly how we wanted things! I wanted Noah in a bowtie like daddy, I am hopeful that this is just the beginning of some twinning for these two. My mother in law and her team completely turned our wedding arch into something fairy tales are made of, we loved it so much we had it brought to the reception afterwards for people to take photos with. Okay and can we talk about the bouquets again? I am still so in love with our bouquets and boutonnieres that myself, my maid of honour and a friend made together the NIGHT BEFORE the wedding!!! I promise more detailed shots of them in next weeks post. You may have also noticed Noah in a batman hat, this was an inside joke for my hubby since his friends used to call him Batman when we were dating which gave everyone a good laugh & awe. All in all from the finest details to each smiling face our ceremony was exactly as we imagined and I am so thankful we were able to have it outside as planned. With getting married at a tree farm we of course wanted as much of the outdoors incorporated into the entire day as possible which you’ll see in our reception photos to come in the series of posts!

Photography by Allison Milne