For the love of tulle

As she watched us from the window, our grins got larger and our laughs louder. When Blisstulle sent me this stunning pink tulle skirt while I was still pregnant with Noah I couldn’t wait to get some ensembles together for my first post-pregnancy shoot, I finally felt comfortable enough to wear it in our last one where Allison snapped some cute late engagement shots for us. Now, my body is no where near where I want it to be just yet but I have a happy & healthy baby boy who nurses like a champ and I continue to remind myself that I pushed out an almost 9lb baby less than 5 months ago! It’s easy to get discouraged when trying on some of the gorgeous items I get sent to shoot as I really want to look my best in them to make the brands happy and myself happy of course…I always want to represent the label in the best way I can. I am obsessed with the Blisstulle Instagram feed and this skirt is literally obsess worthy enough that I could hang it on the wall of my office on a pretty gold sequin hanger when not physically wearing it. I hope to shoot it again in the spring when my pre wedding bod is in the works lol! I have started doing some mini living room workouts over the past two weeks and of course the physical activities that come with an active toddler help wonders + eating healthy. We now are now less than 5 months away from the wedding…I think it just hit me again, 5 months can go by pretty darn fast as we all know so this household is a super busy one between blog diy projects and wedding ones as well as the ton of other tasks that come with planning a wedding, raising two kids and renovating a home…are we crazy? Possibly. But it’s happening so we have been drinking wine quite frequently and going over excel spreadsheets every fricken day- oh, so glamorous lol!
Emerson Apparel was sweet enough to send Ella a matching tulle skirt to wear during this shoot, I sent her photos of the one I would be wearing and she got to work so that my baby girl and I could have some sweet images in tulle together. Want one for your little? Head on over to her shop and use the exclusive discount code “blissbloglove” for 20% off until March 7th! I am sure you can agree with me that this little number is super cute and as Blisstulle would say “a tulle skirt is always a good idea”! Ella LOVES her skirt as much as I love mine, we could wear them every day (that is acceptable lounge wear yes?)! Speaking of clothing for at home, we are still in quite the cold front around here but I am proud to say that this mama has migrated from baggy track pants and hoodies & pajamas to lovely new workout wear. I went to town emptying out our walk in closet and tossing bags of old yoga pants and things that will for sure never ever fit me again and Craig took me shopping last weekend and spoiled me so I could have some new comfy pieces to not feel frumpy in. I forgot how expensive high quality studio wear was! BUT I am so happy we splurged because I actually feel sorta, kinda sexy again which seemed lightyears away to me. Any who it is time for another wedding DIY, paint brush in one hand glass of vino in the other…sitting on my office floor in my pretty tulle skirt…to be continued. xo Oh hec
     Beanie: Lil Fox Shoppe
     Mens Jacket: Tristan
     Mens Sweater: Old Navy
     Mens Denim: American Eagle Outfitters
     Mens Boots: Steve Madden
     Womens Blazer: Missguided
     Gloves: GAP
     Womens Tutu: Blisstulle
     Womens Tutrtleneck & Scarf: Anthropologie
     Womens Tights: H&M
     Womens Booties: Steve Madden
     #SNOWDAY top: GAP (sold out)
     Knitted Headband: INLAKESH
Faux Fur Infinity Scarf: Lillemus Accessories 
     Mittens: GAP (sold out)
     Cardigan: Alfie Apparel
     Peacoat: Ladida
     Tutu: Emerson Apparel
     Boots: HUNTER
    Photography: Allison Milne