Top 5 Things to Look For in an Offer

Today we’ve teamed up with Faris Team to share 5 tips for when selling your home, what to look for in an offer. Faris Team sold our house in February while we were in Hawaii, still so in awe of how great our experience was! This was our first time selling a home with an agent and we learned so much about what to pay attention to in your paperwork when selling your home. I hope that with this post you can take away some super helpful information if you are thinking of selling your home or are in the process already.

1. Know the story of the buyer: Who are the buyers and what’s important to them. Example: Closing date preference and is there flexibility, are they pre-approve, how long have they been looking… All of this information will put you in a better position to negotiate. We regularly receive offers where the agent didn’t ask any questions of our sellers.

2. Chattels and fixtures: Flip house upside down and whatever is left in place is afixture. Ensure a walk through happens so nothing is missed.

3. Fine print: Thoroughly read the fine print to fully understand details of the offer. Asingle word can change a lot.

4. Accurate information: correct spelling of name, Lot size, a foot could cost thousandsof dollars, accurate zoning – if incorrect it can be a make or break for a buyer intending a different use.

5. Spousal consent: If you are married, and your spouse is not on title, ensure to get spousal consent signed. I have seen a deal go south due to spouse not getting signed and them changing their mind to sell the home.

A big thanks to Faris Team for partnering with us on this blog post, they have been so generous in sharing their quality information with us to share with you. Do let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below!