How to kick the winter blues

My Tips for Kicking the Winter Blues 

One of my favourite things about living in Southern Ontario is that I get to fully experience all of the seasons. I am always so grateful that my family gets to enjoy warm summers, beautiful autumns and snowy winters – not to mention all of the activities that come with them. But I have to admit, before Ella and Noah, I dreaded our winters. A white Christmas was all I needed and then I wanted sunshine and high temperatures again. Because let’s face it – after the excitement of the holidays, winter can be SO difficult to get through. And even though the kids bring out the magic in winter – that late January seasonal depression always seems to creep in. 

These short days and cold temperatures seriously make me want to go into hibernation some days. I want to sleep more, my appetite changes, and it’s hard to stay motivated. But there are a few easy, natural tricks that help keep me positive, energetic and focused during the winter months. 

Eat Well and Supplement 

Photo Credit: Dr Axe

One of my favourite – and most effective – remedies for the winter blues is healthy eating. But as we all know, sticking to a healthy, balanced diet can be hard during winter. Feeling less motivated can make it difficult to plan and prep healthy meals, access to fresh local produce is limited – not to mention all of the comfort food cravings. But food really is medicine you guys! Do your best to cut out sugars and processed foods, and swap them for whole, natural foods. Extra greens, smoothies, fresh juice, homemade soups and lots of water always do the trick for me! 

If you feel like you need an extra boost, check in with your doctor about supplements! My winter go-to is vitamin C and D! I also try to incorporate more superfoods and adaptogens in to my diet. These are some of my favs! 

Chaga: Warm chaga tea is the perfect winter beverage! Packed with nutrients and minerals.

Acerola cherry: Try a small scoop in your smoothie for some extra of natural vitamin C.

Maca: A great addition to a smoothie or latte for hormone balance and energy.

Matcha: My favourite way to get an extra boost of energy – and it’s an antioxidant! 

Happy body = happy mind!

Stay Active 

This one can be tricky to stick to – especially in the winter but there is nothing else that boosts my mood quite like a workout. Whether it’s some simple stretching, cardio, or dance parties with the family, moving my body and getting my heart rate up is the ultimate mood booster. One of my favourite winter workouts is hot yoga. The heat feels amazing! 

Get Outdoors 

Getting outside during the winter months can seem like a hassle- but it is always worth it. As much as a I love spending winter days in the loft reading with the kids or curled up on the couch watching some classics, spending a few hours outdoors always lifts my spirits. Whether it’s tobogganing with the kids, skiing, skating, or even a short walk, the cool fresh air always leaves me feeling happy and refreshed. Make sure to take advantage of those sunny winter days too – take all of the vitamin D you can get! 

Essential Oils 

I love using essential oils for just about everything – lavender on the pillow before bed, peppermint for headaches, and eucalyptus when I can feel a cold coming on. But if you aren’t familiar with aromatherapy, now is the perfect time to test it out! These are my favourite mood- boosting oils for the winter months. 

Lemon: Your troubles will definitely melt away with a few of these lemon drops. Refreshing and uplifting, this smell takes me back to orchards in California! Young Living says it can be inhaled to reduce cold symptoms too! Wild

Orange: Another one of my favourite citruses that keeps me on my toes. Always puts me in a positive mindset!

Eucalyptus: This fresh scent is perfect for awakening the senses! It’s also my go-to for immunity support and soothing cold symptoms.

Peppermint: I love using peppermint to keep me alert and focused during the day! Pair it with some fresh winter air for the ultimate wake up.

Bergamot: Warm and sweet, bergamot always puts me in a good mood. I love mixing it with a few drops of orange! 

Keep to A Regular Sleep Routine 

Luckily for all of us mamas, we have our minis to thank for getting us up early – but there is no denying that the extra hours of darkness can make it so easy to snooze the alarm and take those extra naps during the day. I always find that keeping my regular sleep schedule and waking up early –just like I would in the warmer months- helps set me up for a more positive and productive day. 

I hope these tips keep you guys feeling happy, healthy and motivated this winter!

Roxanne xo