My House is On The Market

Our house is on the market guys!!! You can see it by clicking {here}. 

We are loving the new realtor professional photos  and video home tour that Faris Team had made for our listing, and so happy about how it all turned out! I am especially in love with the twilight photos they had taken of our home in the evening and the photos that show more of the property.

We put 2 years of love into home renovations this home from top to bottom and the listing that Faris Team put together truly shows this. When checking out the listing I was reminded of just how important it is to have a professional realtor this time, I realized that even my description in the listing we did privately wasn’t done properly. Faris Team knows this world of real estate inside & out and they are going to find the perfect family for this home!

This home has so many great features that the family that buys it will truly appreciate and love, I can’t wait for someone to make new memories in it. 

The kitchen and loft are my two favourite rooms and the runner up is the property, the kids and I spent most of our time in these 3 areas. Cooking together, baking together and thinking up or trying new recipes. If I wasn’t cooking with the La Cornue stove I was staring at it ha! From the custom Silestone quartz stone going right up the backsplash from the countertops, the brass against the beautiful white farmhouse sink – every detail, I love- especially the walnut island. Laughing at the island about our days or simply sipping on a latte while the morning light shines in through the beautiful big windows we had installed, I just felt happy and at home.  I am big on natural light and you will see from the listing photos that there is so much of it in the entire home!

The loft was our nostalgic space, it began as my office with the 2 custom built-in desks and a library wall but quickly turned into our favourite space for the family. We built a custom window seat within those desks that showcases beautiful custom wallpaper as well – wallpaper can be such a lovely element to a home and I am so happy to see more of it in design lately. The kids learnt piano and ukulele in this space and we spent hours on end getting lost in our books in the swing chairs or snuggling by the fire playing chess. I always wanted a library wall in our home – Faris Team captured it so well with realtor professional photos they had done for the listing!

Exploring our forest was also one of our favourite things to do here, I mean our very own forest. We learnt about the trees together, mathematics with nature, learning about animals and insects. Forest school in our own backyard! The privacy is so great on this property! And of course, the outdoor kitchen paired with the pergola over an outdoor fireplace made our backyard quite romantic once the kiddos went to sleep – our own backyard oasis.

Before our home was listed on the market we received the hardcover photo book in the mail that Faris Team created, they do this for their prestigious listings and my goodness, what a cool feature! It comes with a beautiful wooden stand that the books neatly sit in and when buyers come for showings they can take one home to look over again when considering our home for purchase. I cannot get over just how much work Faris Team puts into their listings and the quality of that work too! 

Have you watched the home tour video yet? You can see it {HERE}.

Today’s blog post was made in partnership with the Faris Team and we are truly enjoying working with them to sell our home. We would love to know what you think of the photos and home tour so please let us know in the comments below!