Summer Essentials & Free Bucket List Printable

The summer weather is here guys and we wanted to share some of our Bucket List ‘things to do’ for this summer with your family as well as some of our must-have items so that you can be prepared for the unexpected. This blog post is in partnership with Children’s Benadryl and we are happy to be working with a product that has helped us out on countless summer adventures since having our little ones! At the bottom of this post you’ll find a link to save on your next Benadryl purchase. 

Speaking of summer adventures, have you made your Bucket List yet? If not, we’ve got you covered – you will find a free printable one at the end of this blog post! 

When the warmer weather comes, we pack away our thick chunky knit sweaters and snow gear, and unpack our swimsuits, sun hats and stock up on the summer essentials for the family.  Our first MUST-have for the summer is Children’s Benadryl Liquid (it also comes as chewables).  It provides fast, effective relief of both everyday allergies and allergic reactions, including sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, watery eyes, hives, and, thankfully for us, insect bites. We found out a few years back that our daughter is allergic to insect bites like me and boy oh boy it isn’t a fun one.

You can’t control when you might encounter an unexpected allergic flare-up – especially when you’re spending so much time outside during the summer. But it’s my job as a mom to keep my kids safe and healthy and preparing for the unexpected is part of that job too. So, Children’s Benadryl Liquid is in my purse everywhere we go, and has been since Ella was 2, in case of any instances it may be needed, especially on our summer travels. It’s an easy way to be prepared and feel confident as a parent at home or on the go, so an unexpected and potentially stressful moment can be managed. Click HERE to find a coupon for Children’s Benadryl!


Summer Bucket List

A big thanks to Children’s Benadryl for sponsoring this post, all opinions as always – are my own.