Homeschool Room

Welcome to our school room, it’s more like the craft, garden, play and school room though. It is not usually this tidy, there are paintings and drawings, rocks and sticks laying all over the place on most days. You see, we aren’t super structured around here and prior to this last year of craziness, we did what some call ‘Worldschooling’. We travelled a lot with the kiddos, monthly and worked most of their schooling into whatever trip we were on. For example, in our last visit to South Carolina we focused a lot on reading and marine biology. In Cuba we spent a lot of time on languages and music. We mix it up every single day, we sometimes start our morning with an herbal tea and some watercolours or Good & Beautiful workbooks. Sometimes we are working on a fun science experiment, inspecting a leaf from the forest or gardening. This year in homeschooling we also focused a ton on homesteading, we incubated and hatched our chickens and ducks, studied the anatomy and stages of growth. Not everyone understands homeschooling, or our why behind it which is ok. Our children are thriving, they are happy and we are so proud of them. If ever you have any questions about homeschooling you can always ask on our Instagram or send us an email. We absolutely love homeschooling so much and are happy to help any other families try it out!

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Another fun part of homeschooling this year was gardening inside with our Gardyn Tech system, it was our salad garden and it was so much fun. We honestly couldn’t even keep up with it, it all grew so fast! We have an exclusive discount on this amazing indoor organic gardening system for all of our readers, get yours {here}.

If ever you are wanting to shop some of our favourite homeschooling items, you can find man on our shop page {here}.

Homeschool Room Decor Family Greenthumb Home Home Tours Living Uncatagorized

This space was also my office, we set it up so that I could squeeze in some work time while the kids worked on projects.

Homeschool Room Decor Family Greenthumb Home Home Tours Living Uncatagorized

Below are some shots of our new mug collaboration launching soon, the kids and I enjoy Traditional Medicinals herbal teas in them. Their teas are certified organic and the little messages on every tea bag get us all so excited to read them!

All of the artwork on display is from Minted, we go to them for our artwork unless we are buying vintage. We’ve ordered art from Minted for years now! We always pay extra to have the artists signature on the artwork, every piece comes with a certification of authenticity as well and a little bio on the artist which is super cool.

Our lighting in this room is from Hinkley lighting, the cabinetry was built by Craig and our cabinet guru Nick of Bespoke Fine Cabinetry, they worked together on this one. We really wanted this space to work as a homeschool/office for myself and the kiddos but easily become a dining room for whoever bought the house when we sold it eventually. Our table was custom made by a local Ontario carpenter, the flooring is all Pravada flooring and the trim is all Metrie.