Travel Guide: West Palm Beach, Florida

Believe it or not, we’ve never gone to Florida with the littles and I’m not sure why, it’s such a quick & easy flight from the Hamilton, Ontario airport to Fort Lauderdale. This trip was by far one of my favourites and the kids were troopers bouncing around 3 different stunning regions of Florida. I am so thankful that we get to bring the kids along on travels around the world, they have already seen so many places of the world and learn so much each trip. It’s also so great as a family to be together for these experiences!

Our first stop was the stunning Four Seasons Palm Beach property in The Palm Beaches, Florida.

First off, what a beautiful location with delicious foods and ahem, great shopping too haha! We spent most of our time swimming and relaxing together at the Four Seasons hotel, enjoying their amazing fresh foods, smoothies as well as the beach and pools. After a day of travel with the kids, relaxing and indulging was a great start to this family vacation. We ate our breakfasts and a dinner at the Mediterranean Florie’s restaurant within the Four Seasons Palm Beach property, this restaurant is exceptional. The kids enjoyed a yummy pasta and Pampino fish dish while I had an entire lobster, I remember when chef brought the food over he laughed when he saw that it was me that ordered the lobster haha. I LOVE seafood and always have!! The team at Florie’s were amazing and they cheered on our UNO games and made the kids experience one that they will never forget, Chef invited them behind the kitchen to actually call out some orders! Can you believe it? So cute! I am putting together a video right now and that is my favourite footage so far.

After our next morning of sunshine we spent the afternoon exploring Worth Avenue for some shopping and dining too! This is a hot spot in The Palm Beaches and if you are looking for an Instagram worthy photo, I highly suggest going to the Chanel store on Worth Avenue – there is an entire street full of these GORGEOUS pink flowered trees – Ella’s eyes beamed with excitement when she saw them!

This region of Florida is so beautiful guys and it screams luxury and if you are looking to find a hotel in the area that will make you feel pampered & spoiled, The Four Seasons Palm Beach is for you. Our family had a blast and as you can see with definitely indulged too.  It was a short and sweet two days and we honestly can’t wait to make our way back to The Palm Beaches, Florida! If you have any questions at all about our experience feel free to comment below and I can answer. Thanks for reading guys, we love you! xo

Florie’s restaurant within the Palm Beach Four Seasons property was unbelievable, all four of us left so jolly with full bellies. The kids even had a unique experience where Chef let them call our orders wore they wore Chef hats.

“a restaurant in partnership with three-Michelin-starred chef, Mauro Colagreco. A nod to Florida and Chef Mauro’s passion for gardening, Florie’s delivers the spirit of the Mediterranean through live fire cooking and earth-conscious offerings inspired by nature.”

The decor here is honestly one of my favourite Four Seasons properties hands down, the colours – the details, they are all SO me!

The best breakfasts ever, a delicious fruit bowl and lavender almond milk latte + freshest green juices!

The kids LOVED having these instax camera, I found the cases for them online and let them do some of their own photography. We have a super cute polaroid photo album from all of our trips over the last few years. The white instax is actually from our wedding and the copper one is from a collaboration last year.

The Kids For All Seasons program had such great staff always setting up fun crafts and activities every day. One day they were using fun scratch paper art and making creative sea turtles and the other they were learning fun sports!

This Florida vacation was in partnership with Visit Florida and Swoop Airlines.