Travel Beautifully with Steamline Luggage

“Adventure worthy of beauty and style.” – Steamline Luggage

For years  I have been a collector of things, vintage and antique things, things with character that have been made with love and exceptional detail. Some of them stay on shelves in our library wall for show, to spark a conversation on it’s story while some are used for special occasions. My Steamline Luggage pieces are somewhere stylishly in the middle, they are beautiful items that look vintage, quality pieces I hope to pass on one day but they are also pieces I use for much of my travels, especially media trips to places like Paris and New York or colourful destinations like Charleston and San Fransisco!

When travelling with this luggage I am always stopped and asked about it, is it vintage? Where did I get it? It’s sooo beautiful, I actually had a few pilots joke that they wanted to steal mine for themselves haha. There is SO much detail in these crafted luggage pieces, from the leather straps and brass hardware to the gorgeous liners that are full of character. Every time I open up one of my cases to pack I am excited, these luggage pieces come on all of my special trips with my stylish pals and I have to admit that they make the for the best bag for prop styling too!

We are off to Florida tomorrow and I couldn’t wait to make use of my new sea green hat bag form the Steamline Editor collection, the print inside had my crazy inner plant lady doing summersaults.

“This vintage-inspired linen hatbox luggage is the chicest way to take your hat off your hands and an impossibly charming caddy for your favourite things. “

This linen and leather mix of The Editor Hat Box is just as stunning in person as it is online, and it can be used for more than just your favourite delicate hats! When I propped it on the bed today to start packing our sun hats Ella was so excited about it, she loves the luggage as much as I do and I hope she will want them one day when I pass them to her. She asked me if on our next trip she can use it for all of her favourite stuffies (swoon), of course!

My very first piece of Steamline Luggage was a carry-on, that is the one you guys probably recognize from most of my past travels with it – it’s the perfect size to fit safely stowed above your seat on the plane and has held up so well from over 12 trips. I have to be honest, I babied it at first – so scared that one scratch or ding would ruin it, but it it’s still in such great condition. I receive SO many compliments on The Starlet carry on, it’s a beautiful black leather with the charming gold hardware and the liner is also just as beautiful as the exterior. I love that these luggage pieces come with useful accessories too! It comes with a detachable door hanging wash back and even a protective bag to put your luggage piece in to prevent any ripping or damage when stowing. I haven’t personally used the protective bag yet but if you want to take extra special care you should consider it! Steamline has a variety of luggage sizes so the protective ripstop bags are great if you decide to check a bag, the cover ensures gentle stowage should you need to check in your Carryon too.

My newest addition to my Steamline collection is the Architect Stowaway, the largest of my collection so far!

“Classic to the eye, the Architect Stowaway boasts all the modern amenities of an extendable trolley handle, two silent-glide wheels, buckled leather straps and two gold TSA-approved locks.”

If you are looking for a smaller handheld piece, I would recommend The Sweetheart Vanity handheld, this is the smallest of my collection and by far the sweetest, it really lives up to it’s name! The lining is a stunning floral print and the beautiful exterior makes it for a great handbag or a bag to store all of your makeup and jewellery for your travels. It can even fit a smaller camera too!

“With shoulder and suitcase attachment straps, this handheld case can also be carried crossbody or secured to your rolling luggage for ease on the move. Interior pockets help with simple storage while magnetic leather straps open in a snap and a combination lock keeps contents safe.”

The sweetheart vanity is by far Ella’s favourite, I don’t think I have a favourite – I love them all and Craig my hubby also loves my Architect & Starlet pieces – they are great for both men and women and look so great with a chic outfit or a tailored suit.

Do you have a favourite luggage line? This elegant line is sure to start a conversation during your travels.

We are off to the Four Seasons Palm Beach, Florida right now so stay tuned on my Instagram to follow along, we love taking you along on our adventures!

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