A bra that fits my lifestyle

A new bra is a big deal after having 2 kids, I mean going from say nursing bras or maternity bras are a big deal and I still remember the day I got my first bra when entering a new stage in my life when I was no longer nursing. It was actually a bra from WonderBra and I LOVED it, I loved the pretty lace details but the mostly the comfort of it and how it fit so perfectly under my favourite t shirts. I live in tees guys, mine, Craig’s – fitted ones, loose ones – I love my tees lol. So my bras need to be smooth but comfy, just like a tee otherwise I won’t wear one. And let’s be real here, I am not on the free the nipple train around here haha!

So a year later and WonderBra sent me another new bra, phew these guys are really saving me some hardcore shopping time – they even have my girls size down pat. And, they know my style and likes. I am a busy working mama of 2, I barely sit down and comfort is still key for me in the bra department but I also still want something that, well you know – makes me feel sexy.

When I had the opportunity to browse their new line and pick my bra, right away I requested the WonderBra Elegant Support Lace Back Underwire Bra in their classic Paris Nude.  Nude bras are my go to, they work perfectly under my classic white t shirts and really any other colour too!

This bra screamed sexy yet comfortable to me, the lace details with the smooth cup. I liked that it didn’t have padding and the underwire & non-stretch lining provides lift and support. This bra is truly as stunning from the back as it is from the front and I don’t mind that hint of Paris nude lace peeking out from my white v neck on date night with my hubby. I don’t have to sacrifice function for glamour with this line and it comes in black too, perfect for under your favourite little black dress ladies! This bra is 32% spandex which means it moves so well with my body, whether I am cooking up a storm in the kitchen or on the floor playing dinosaurs with the kids – I have comfort and support.

And would you believe it if I told you that I picked out my bra from the comfort of my couch on www.wonderbra.ca? Well, I did! It was so easy and with their variety in size options and great product photos – I had no problem finding the perfect style and size.


This blog post was sponsored by WonderBra Canada, as always – all opinions are my own. Photography by Roxanne West Studios.