Bliss List

You guys, its Friday and its June 1st! Where is the time going?! We have so much fun stuff going on right now (I know, I know, I promise I’ll be sharing more details soon) that I’m seriously baffled how we’re half way through 2018 already!  I’m currently preparing to head to San Francisco as I’m (excitedly!!) attending a Pinterest conference being held there. I am only going to be gone a few days but if anyone has some San Fran recommendations, please send them my way!

No. 1

As you guys know, Craig and I are totally foodies (our idea of a romantic date night is watching Chef’s Table on Netflix – ha!) so I definitely plan on scouting out some amazing local places to eat. I’ve even gone as far as doing some light research and reading, I found these two articles (32 Best Restaurants in San Francisco and Where to Eat on a Weekend Trip to San Francisco) particularly helpful and drool-worthy. Give me all the Mexican and oysters! And again, if you guys have any suggestions or hidden gems I should check out, please let me know!


It’s no secret that I’m completely obsessed with Pinterest, I mean who isn’t? I’m also really passionate about home interiors and am never not dreaming of spaces that can be transformed, whether they’re in our current home or earmarked for future remodeling projects. So naturally, I was super intrigued to read The Most Popular Home Trends for 2018, According to Pinterest published online at Lonny. Among 25 various trends, I was thrilled to see bold tropical wall paper and luxurious soaker tubs within bathroom retreats predicted as trends for 2018, both of which we have (and love!) in our current home. And you know I can’t resist a bathroom with some green plant life!


I have spent a lot of time “jet-setting” over the past few weeks (I kid you not, Cuba, Banff, New York, and soon San Francisco) and I promise you it’s not always as glamorous or exhilarating as it may seem. I myself (and my skin, duh) am desperate to try the Summer Friday Jet Lag mask, which promises to revive and hydrate dull, jet-lagged complexions. It has what seems like a billion rave reviews and has been getting a ton of positive buzz. The coveted product seems to be out of stock at Sephora, but regardless of your jet-setting status, if I were you I’d jump on the waitlist now.


I am always looking for new strategies that assist or provide insight towards being more productive – what mom isn’t wishing she could have 8 extra hours each day to juggle her to-do list? Amber, from Barefoot Blonde, shared her best practices for being more productive and I couldn’t wait to integrate some of her suggestions into my daily life (you guys, she runs an empire, this is solid advice!). I already know my team is going to be thrilled about the colour-coding calendar technique. Read all 12 of the ways Amber focuses on productivity here.

No. 5

Is there anything Joanna Gaines can’t do? I find it very doubtful. A sweet friend gave me Joanna’s new cookbook (Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering) for my birthday and like anything Joanna Gaines creates, it did not disappoint. The cookbook, which is intended for gathering and casual family meals, provides so much inspiration for elevated comfort food, classic Sunday night dinners, and effortlessly rustic food and table styling. I completely love it and think it’s the loveliest addition to my cookbook collection.  

No. 6

I am consistently asked variants of the same few questions; how I find inspiration, where do I search for recipes, how do I fuel my creativity, where do I discover my jumping-off points for my next projects? And the answer is so simple – Pinterest! If you’re not already following me on Pinterest, come and find me! (Hint: @roxanneawest) It’s sort of like a behind-the-scenes sneak peek, because I’m always pinning content from our own home and adventures or adding to my favourite Pinterest boards like The Heart of the Home, Cooking with Love, Loft Inspo, and Green Thumb.

I can’t wait to hear your San Fran recommendations. Tell me I’m not the only one who looks forward to (and even plan trips around) the food – ha! Have you grabbed a copy of Joanna Gaines’ new cookbook?! If you have, what have you whipped up so far? And if you have any additional tips, tricks, or hacks when it comes to productivity, send them all my way!