Lunch Prep with Babybel Canada

Good morning guys! I am so excited to be partnering up with Mini Babybel® original cheeses to share some of our favourite lunchtime snacks with you today. We have been loving these creamy and delicious cheeses for years, even before we had our own kids! They have a legendary taste that pairs perfectly with some of our favourite veggies & crackers too.

We love their convenient and compact sizes for lunches or snacks on the go and they are super fun for the kids to open too, well let’s be honest…even fun for adults! I have always been a sucker for cheeses guys, you know this – the kids love cheese just as much as their mama! With Ella starting school this year, packing lunches was of course a bit daunting at first…what do I pack? How many snacks? Will she have enough, is there too much? What snacks are safe for lunches if other kids have a peanut allergy?

Lunchtime doesn’t need to be such an intimidating task for parents, we stick to the same things we all eat at home – we are quite the snacking family vs big meals so it worked out well as we had so many favourites already including Mini Babybel® original cheeses, the familiar red round cheeses we love that are totally school safe too!

A standard lunch for Ella includes some raw carrots and red peppers sliced up in small toddler hand friendly sizes with some cucumber as well. We usually pair it with a small container of homemade traditional hummus or beet hummus. Lately I have been only sending our traditional homemade one because let’s be honest, beets are not clothing friendly haha! We also send her with a plain yoghurt most days and I add some cinnamon to it, real maple syrup, hemp hearts and a cut up fruit – usually strawberries or blueberries. We also include a school safe granola bar and crackers and 1 Mini Babybel® original cheese with a wrap of some sort, sometimes tuna with pickle. We don’t eat tuna much so it’s a once in awhile kind of thing.

A lot of you are always asking what lunch boxes we use and we usually use this Planet Box stainless steel one and it’s containers that come with it, it’s easy to clean and has the perfect amount of space too!

In today’s blog we wanted to share some exciting news, Babybel® Canada is hosting a contest where 1 cheese lover will win Mini Babybel® original cheeses for an entire year!!!!! Are you drooling already? Talk about a great giveaway right? You could have cheeses for your kids lunch for an entire year!!! I am so excited for whoever wins this amazing contest and if you want to enter you can click HERE!!!!!!

Below you can also find a VLOG we put together where we made Croissant Breakfast Canoes using Mini Babybel® original cheeses.

A big thanks to Babybel Canada for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.