Christmas Home Tour Part 1 & 2 Giveaways

Christmas Home Tour Part 1 & 2 Giveaways Decor DIY Living Uncatagorized

Better late than never right? We are finally sharing our Christmas Home Tour, well part 1 of it any ways and we’ve included 2 of our 9 days of giveaways in todays post too!

We spend most of Christmas with my inlaws so this year, after all of the reno work we’ve been doing I wanted to take it easy and not decorate too much, I mean as much as I love decorating with the kids…you still have to take it all down and put it away at some point and after our trip to Mexico, we’ve all been so exhausted & under the weather that I wanted things to be more easy this year. Luckily when I got back, one of my friends Andrea from the blog Harlow & Thistle was super keen to help me get started bringing my holiday decor ideas for life when we got back from our family vacation. Andrea is so talented and I couldn’t have done any of this without her help! We did some #diy wreaths that I will be sharing in part 2 of our Christmas home tour and she will be showing you guys how to make them, you are going to love what we did!

I kept things very simple this year and incorporated my favourite colour, hunter green…in the form of, velvettttt. That word needed all those extra t’s so you could get a feel for my love of velvet, and hunter green ha! Green has always been my favourite colour and for those of you who followed along on my decision making for our library wall colours, the library was almost hunter green! In the end we picked a soft blue as you know but since then, I knew I had to get hunter green somewhere else in the house. After styling our foyer bench and picking up our Christmas wrapping paper, hunter green just made perfect sense. I stocked up on velvet ribbon in two sizes from our local fabric store at 50% off, thank goodness! I hit up my local greenhouse for some fresh greenery and succulents and Andrea and I got to work. It took us about a day, as in 5 hours and the kids even helped us out when they were not more interested in snacks lol. We kept things simple on the fireplace and I randomly had the idea of using the gingham reading socks I fell in love with from Chapters in place of stockings!?! They’ll be perfect on Christmas eve, I am going to take them down and roll one of the pair inside and stuff goodies into it for someone to have a cute pair of reading socks as their stocking and the little gifts inside too! If you are going to a secret Santa with the girls, this is perfect! These reading socks are from Chapters Indigo and you can find them {here} and I just ordered {these} HBC ones with pom poms for next year!

Craig and I had just installed our new lighting in the staircase to my office the night before and I was so excited to have them up, the space of course wouldn’t have been decorated otherwise and the lighting made every thing come together! The stunning chandelier and the 3 brass wall sconces are all from Hinkley Lighting, we’ve used them for the majority of the lighting in our home and as always, we are so happy with the quality of the fixtures. Since we’ve installed them we’ve had endless compliments from guests and the 44″ chandelier really ties in from the rest of the metal accents around our home. You can see the full line of Hinkley lighting on their website {here}.

King of Christmas were so sweet and sent us some gorgeous flocked Christmas trees this year and even though I am at heart a real Christmas tree kind of gal, I will still be using these flocked babies every year. I am SO in love with them, they are flocked perfectly, are not messy at all and they are pre lit perfectly too! I have total OCD with Christmas lights on trees, those missed pockets of gleaming goodness drive me bonkers – these King of Christmas trees are absolutely perfect. They let us pick what trees we wanted so I picked their 9 foot pencil flocked & pre lit model for our staircase. The ceilings are so high in this space and I wanted to have a Christmas tree next to our Metrie french doors and this size fit so well with it being 34″ in circumference at the base. I love having it lit up at night in that space! We have a few others they sent us that I will be featuring in part 2 of our Christmas home tour but you can see one of the little 4 foot pre lit ones by our fireplace, that is Ella’s tree that she picked out for her bedroom (her nightlight as she calls it). I love that it doesn’t have to be plugged in, I am that crazy parent that can’t sleep at night when things are plugged in, in my kids bedrooms. This mini flocked tree is battery powered and she kindly lent it to me to style the fireplace for our shoot haha! So generous of her, *insert wink face here*. You can find the full line of King of Christmas trees on their website {here}, they have a great sale on which is perfect if you want to order one for next year!

When I thought up ideas for decorating our house for the holidays, I knew right away that I wanted mistletoe at the french doors off of our kitchen, those french doors are one of my favourites pieces in our home – they are jewelry in our home in my opinion and I feel like people recognize our homes now by these doors. They are the Fashion Forward doors by Metrie and we’ve used them in our last two houses in both solid and the glass style, in our last house I had the single glass door for my office and I couldn’t wait to incorporate doubles in this house! You can find the Metrie Fashion Forward doors on their website {here}. They make the perfect mistletoe spot am I right? And Gatsby is just itching to kiss any one that comes over, he plops himself there for his naps ever since I put it up – he is wise beyond his years on how to steal a kiss from the ladies!

That chunky blanket, right? Don’t you just want to dive bomb it and hibernate all winter long? We used it around the base of our Christmas tree last year and I knew we were doing it again this year, it’s such a cozy way to decorate and we are so in love with our blanket made by Christie Bodden Designs. This lovely mother makes all of the blankets by hand out of Victoria, British Columbia. She is such a kind soul and our house is full of her knitted goodies! Our 100% Merino Wool cream one you see wrapped around the tree and on our green velvet bench was made 2 years ago, we use it all year round and it is still in perfect condition. And I have two toddlers and a dog so that says something guys!! Christie and I want one of your to have one of these blankets too, keep reading…

G i v e a w a y  TIME!! Are you guys ready for this? I am SO excited to announce that we’ve moulded day 7 & 8 together for our 9 days of giveaways and we’ve partnered up with Metrie Trim & Moulding and Christie Bodden and one lucky winner is gonna get their hands on a pair of solid wood or clear glass Fashion Forward interior doors from Metrie’s Then & Now Finishing Collections and a chunky knit blanket!!!!!!!!!! Are you doing a happy dance? Because I am! Just kidding, I am snuggled by the fire in my chunky blanket watching This is us, BUT I am happy dancing on the inside – for you! So how do you enter? Well, as per the countless requests we’ve opened up this one to Instagram as well. You can enter by tagging friends in the comment section of the complimenting Instagram post to this blog post {here} OR you can also enter by sharing this post on Facebook and commenting below to let us know you shared it. Super easy and remember, you can enter as many times as you want!

Christmas Home Tour Part 1 & 2 Giveaways Decor DIY Living Uncatagorized

Our 9 days of giveaways are all open for entry until midnight December 23rd and all winners will be announced here on the blog on Christmas Eve! Good luck xo WINNER: Kirsten Bowman

Fine print: The winner be able to choose from either a pair of solid wood or clear glass interior doors from Metrie’s Fashion Forward Collection. The pair of doors will be two slab interior doors that will not be machined for hardware or hinge placements. Only stocked door sizes will be available for this giveaway. Will work directly with Metrie to redeem prize. Chunky Knit blanket by Christie Bodden will be delivered in February 2018 to the winner.