Joe Fresh Beauty Moment

Joe Fresh Beauty Moment Beauty Hair Makeup
From jewellery to cosmetics, Joe Fresh offers trendy products at an accessible price point so it was a no brainer when I was asked to review their new beauty products from Shoppers Drug Mart! If you guys have been following along this month you know I have been loving quite a few of them and you can also read a little more if you visit my last blog on them {here}. On the last blog Ella and I were getting ready for a fun event and I was playing with a bold red lip (something I NEVER do) and I have been trying it out more and more, perfecting the application with their super easy Long Wear Lip Liner in Deep Red. Today I was trying the second matte lipstick I was sent that is more of a pink undertoned red than the last one I tried called Scarlet which was a deeper plum tone.

When Noah goes for his naps Ella and I love to play dress up or I let her do my makeup, it can get super funny but honestly we have been doing this for years now and she has actually gotten quite good, she barely got any outside of my lip line!!! I mean, we have no where to go when Noah is asleep so we might as well get creative and sometimes messy, she sometimes gets dressed up in her princess dresses or we get into matching outfits and do each others hair and she will play with her new Joe Fresh kids jewellery (so so cute ps) and help me do my makeup.

Every day I have still been using my base favourite after moisturizer, the Illuminating Primer in Champagne – you guys KNOW I love this stuff and just this weekend during our getaway I found another great use for it…they higlighted and tanned my pasty white legs LOL!! Ahhh thank you, I packed a pretty new skirt for our dinner reservation and had no idea just how pale my legs were and right away I remembered the Illuminating Primer…it gave a nice glow on my legs and even made them look super slim and silk smooth – win, win! Even Craig commented on how shimmery and great my legs looked as we headed into dinner, a big thanks to Joe Fresh of course ;).

I have also still been using the beautiful eye shadow palette they sent me & the black Joe Fresh Black Precision Liquid Eyeliner every day also, still my current favourite eyeliner – it gives the perfect line and so easy to build, it also doesn’t budge one bit until I use my makeup remover at night which is a great plus (especially around kiddos climbing all over you). Have any of you tried any Joe Fresh beauty products yet? I can’t recommend enough that you do, if you head into your local Shoppers Drug Marts the beauty boutique staff will gladly help you to pick the best products for you and give you their honest opinions…these products have such a great price point too. And I mean, when you are a busy mom or always on the go, or even searching for the best every day basic beauty products that you can also build for night time events- you will LOVE their line of beauty products. As you’ll see in these cute pictures with my Ella we were playing with the super compact and creamy pink blush stick (purse friendly and the sweetest shade of pink for every day) and the matte lipstick that is also perfect for tossing in your purse on the go for touch ups (if you even need one, this stuff seriously sticks and lasts)! Letting Ella hang out with me and help with my beauty regime is a great way for us to enjoy some girl time and talk about things, we share so many laughs and it lets her be creative and feel responsible for something and like a big girl without her feeling the urge to put any makeup on herself (which I am so not ready for lol). She even likes helping me shop for outfits now and picked up this super sweet heart sweater for me and her bow one during our last Joe Fresh shop!!!

A big thanks to Joe Fresh for sponsoring this post, we are loving all of our goodies, our outfits are actually currently on sale for an extra 30% off. You can click my Joe Fresh banner below to head on over to their website and shop their amazing sale right now and new arrivals! xo