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Joe Fresh Beauty Beauty Style
Joe Fresh Beauty Beauty Style
If you’ve followed me for awhile now you know that I am quite consistent with my makeup looks, I am all about a clean, fresh face look with minimal products. Every day key products are my go-to but sometimes I like to try new things for special events. I’ve really wanted to go with a bold lip colour lately, especially a deep red to rock with my new black velvet dress I found at Joe Fresh (which is on sale right now by the way!!). This dress was perfect for a New Years Eve with the kids, super SUPER comfortable & stretchy, complimenting and still feels luxurious! I have been trying some beautiful new beauty products by Joe Fresh lately that are available now in Shoppers Drug Mart stores, if you watched on my Instagram stories while I opened each new product you already know which ones I fell in love with!! These products are so great for an every day look that you can also build into the evening, they are at a wonderful price point too. I am loving how compact the key pieces are as well, perfect for a busy woman on the go that needs to get her beauty look done en route to a meeting!

A Day to Night Look with Joe Fresh Beauty
First thing after my usual day time moisturizer is to put on the Illuminating Primer in Champagne, this stuff is AMAZING! It’s SO light and not scented, or at least I can’t smell anything! I have super sensitive & dry skin and this didn’t bother mine at all, it left a super pretty & healthy glow while moisturizing my skin and spread so well. I then do a quick fluff over with the loose powder. I then quickly rub in the Rosette Blush Stick into my cheeks and then do some light work with the Highlighting Stick in Pure Glow (loving how natural all of these tones are) on the top of my cheekbones and the cupids bow of my lips!
The Eyeshadow Trio palette that I received is perfect for day to night, they have a pale shimmery pink, a great layerable silver and a powdery black – the black makes for a great eyeliner too if you want to build a thicker line or go for a dark smokey eye.
One thing I have been on the hunt for is a new eyeliner, I am super picky with eyeliners – I need
the tip to be super thin to make a nice clean line that I can also build while keeping that clean
look. The Joe Fresh Black Precision Liquid Eyeliner is AMAZING…a new staple in my purse hands down! There is a reason they call it precision, the line comes out PERFECT.
Next I do a solid 2 coats of the Joe Fresh mascara on my bottom lashes then the top, this mascara is so great and I won’t lie, I was super surprised. I am so used to buying super expensive mascaras and was shocked at how well this glided on my lashes with zero clumping and SO volumizing too! I love that it has a big fluffy brush, my eyelash line can’t handle those silicone mascara brushes that exist.
Now, lastly I would just leave my lips nude or go for my usual lip balm but today I opted for a
darker look where I started with the Long Wear Lip Liner in Deep Red and built a nice shape. I
coloured in a little extra with the lip liner in the centre of my bottom lip then I put on the MAT Joe
Fresh Lipstick in Scarlet (LOVE THIS!!!), they aren’t the exact same shades of red but blended in so nicely with the build in brush on the lip liner. I have found zero of this on my teeth after
wearing it for hours- it doesn’t budge! I went to the movies with Craig and the kids, had popcorn
and chocolates…seriously, it stayed on as if I had just applied it. I’ve always been intimidated by a darker lip and Craig never liked it much and he loves this colour on me and how it looked, totally my go-to products now for a darker lip. Ella and I started getting ready for a dinner party together and I can’t wait to show you more in our next blog post with Joe Fresh Beauty & Shoppers
Drug Mart! Until then we are going to keep playing around with these great products and Ella is enjoying her new Joe Fresh Kids jewellery :). PS My velvet dress is currently on for $19.94 and Ella’s dress is on for $11.94!!!!! Xo
A big thanks to Joe Fresh for sponsoring this post, we are loving all of our goodies! From jewellery to cosmetics, Joe Fresh offers trendy products at an accessible price point.