Holiday Gifting: CS100

Our CS100 sits on our tv unit nicely with our Christmas garland, it’s nice an accessible if I want to quickly stick a memory card into it to start uploading a full card!
Wrapping a CS100 for family!
Holiday Gifting: CS100 Decor Food Living Style

As you guys know we’ve totally fallen for the newest Canon addition to the family, our Connect Station CS100. We have been using it every weekend to unload every thing from the memory cards I fill up from snapping away all week and every thing we’ve taken with our phones! It’s especially busy this time a year with so many holiday events and parties which means even more imagery captured, we wanted to make sure these special moments were easily shared with family so we’ve been wrapping up some CS100 for them too!!! We know they are going to be just as excited as we are. This past Sunday we all hopped into our Santa Snuggle Sack and went through the videos and images from our Vancouver trip, the kids actually sat still for an entire half an hour while we went through all of it. They laughed, we all laughed and remembered each moment from the trip – especially going over the videos from our whale watching experience!! Craig and I also have been going through it all when the kids go to bed and organizing all of our images in folders from trips, home renovations and just cute moments of the kiddos.

We collaborated with Photo + Motion again to put together a digital commercial all about my love for the CS100 and why, you can watch it on my Instagram or head over to our YouTube channel where we also shared it.

If you are craving to learn more about this awesome holiday gift for your wishlist or someone on your gift buying list, visit the Canon website {here}!

This post was made in collaboration with CANON Canada, all opinions are my own. We love our CANON products and have been loyal to this brand for years now.