Our Youtube Trailer: Behind the Scenes

Every one say Bonjour! Cutest moment ever & probably my favourite part of the video! 🙂Working on a hair tutorial with my new T3 micro hair wands, shop them {here}!
Our Youtube Trailer: Behind the Scenes Beauty Food Living Style Uncatagorized
Emylea of MauMauHair doing a pretty braid! Did you see it in the trailer {here}? Keeping things fun for the kids in between scenes with story telling & games! 
Our Youtube Trailer: Behind the Scenes Beauty Food Living Style Uncatagorized
Noah flying into his scene lol! Noah flashing a grin for Wade our videographer! Spinning into a new look!
Our Youtube Trailer: Behind the Scenes Beauty Food Living Style Uncatagorized
The crew did an AMAZING job with the footage considering almost every area of the house had some renovations being done!!!
Testing out a recipe with mum! Planning our shot list with Wade. Interview chair! The entire crew making me laugh lol, always full of laughs when we collaborate!

I’ve been anticipating this blog post, we’ve been so excited to share our YouTube trailer with you guys but more importantly – the people who made it happen! We’ve been lucky enough to work with the team at Photo + Motion on 4 video campaigns now and our trailer and it took only 1 collaboration for us to know that this was the group we wanted to make our trailer with! I think what really did it was just how smoothly our first day working together went, how organized they were (which most of the time I am not) and how much the kids LOVED all of them! When having about 10+ people in your home to film a commercial, for two toddlers and even myself it can be super intimidating. Half of our home was still in renovations and it isn’t a huge home by any means, I was so nervous to have a big group of people here and feeling vulnerable about having them in my space with it, well – unfinished!!! But, it was actually such a fun day! We were all filming a super cute commercial with Garnier Whole Blends and at the end of our shoot today we were filming an outdoor scene at my parents house since our yard was being renovated and my dad offered them all a beer or glass of wine and we all sat down together in the backyard under the stars laughing and sharing a big meal. What a great way to end a work day am I right? And what a great way to build a relationship with other professionals and that is truly the day our partnership began. From that point on there was a lot of back and forth of planning for the trailer, my vision with the guidance of Lauren, Derek & Wade from their team – planning the scenes and how each contributing part would build the trailer. How we would show every one what Bonjour Bliss Blog was about in less than 2 minutes of video. And I am SO happy with how it turned out and SO in love with it, it really does introduce you to what to expect from our YouTube channel so well!

I had a vision, things I wanted people to see, ideas for the scenes and they really helped me bring it all to fruition, it truly takes a village you guys!! There’s no way I could have made such an amazing trailer on my own, some things are best done by the professionals. They had every thing listed and prepped ahead of time so I knew what I needed to do prior to the shoot day and exactly how to plan our time, it was perfect as well since we of course had both of our toddlers in the video. Kids do not follow a script and we are so lucky that they are such great sports for filming days, it also is a huge help that our kids love the crew!!! They understand when the kids need a bring, when it is getting to overwhelming for even myself and help to distract them and make them laugh when I need to film a moment on my own. My mom helps out on shoot days too and Emylea my hairstylist and friend (who also did my hair for this shoot), so between every one we have a great system now *PHEW*. We could never work with a crew that didn’t “mesh” well with our family and Derek, Lauren, Wade, Miguel, Javier and Christina…they all felt like family the first day we worked together.

Now, if only I could get more of my own videos up it would be great haha but for now it’s just the awesome stuff Photo + Motion has done! If you are in the market for a video team = chat to this group, you will love them and their work! Have you watched our YouTube trailer yet? Check it out below if not and let us know what you think! What would you like to see on our channel? More beauty? More home renovations or DIY? More family travel or recipes? I’d love to know!! xo

And here is another video we recently shot with them for our INDIGO #MakeitMerry moment!