Dempsters™ Quesadillas

In our house we live by the motto that cheese is always a good idea and as a busy mom of two who also blogs full time, cooking delicious fuss-free meals are a must. However today’s recipe doesn’t really require cooking, it’s truly about heating! Today I’ve teamed up with Dempster’s™ and I am sharing a super fun & easy quesadilla with you. Making a delicious quesadilla with Dempster’s™ is truly as easy as top, fold & heat! A quesadilla is one of the easiest recipes to make, the kids LOVE them and we’ve kept today’s ingredients list light too so you may already have everything you need – or it will only take a quick run into the grocery store, even with the kids ha ha!

For this delicious Caprese quesadilla all you have to do is prep your ingredients and then…

  • Top your choice of Dempster’s™ tortilla (we picked the ancient grains) with sliced bocconcini, sliced tomato and fresh basil.
  • Fold the Dempster’s™ tortilla in half, making the perfect pocket!
  • Heat the quesadilla until everything is warm and gooey, you will see the mouthwatering bocconcini pouring out. Remove from the pan, dig in and enjoy!

We like to top it off with a drizzle of homemade balsamic reduction and a side of sliced avocado, perfection!

Creating a delicious quesadilla is a no brainer when you have the right base like Dempster’s™ Tortillas, they are always fresh & soft and we enjoy them all week for breakfast wraps or one of my favourites…I spread peanut butter on one and wrap it around a banana!!!! A nutty banana wrap {here} on the Dempster’s™ website under recipes…Delish and another thing the kiddos LOVE.

Dempster’s™ Tortillas come in a variety of flavours, some of which include:

·     Dempster’s™ 100% Whole Wheat

·     Dempster’s™ Original

·     Dempster’s™ Ancient Grains

Whether you are looking for a quick and delicious weeknight meal, an easy way to transform yesterday’s leftovers or a fuss-free snack for the kids, quesadillas with Dempster’s™ tortillas are the perfect one for every occasion! I made this for lunch for a play date and both moms and kiddos thought they were amazing, I promise you your family and guests will appreciate this recipe!

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