The Evolution of my hair

Today I’m looking to you guys for some hair advice, are you up for it? My hair has changed back and forth from brown to blonde ever since I can remember and STILL I can’t seem to find the look I can hold on to, the longest period of time I didn’t touch my hair and kept a style & colour was the above collage after having Ella. I didn’t touch it for over 6 months and I let my natural brown grow out with pre-existing highlights. I did love it but felt like a change and the night before my appointment I almost cancelled – you see I always do that, I doubt my idea to change my hair but end up doing it anyways and then I’m upset. Being a super indecisive person when it comes to hair doesn’t help either! I mean, I know how I like my hair styled but when it comes to the best colour for me I really wish I knew the right answer. Right now I am rocking the balayage look, my “grown out” roots are a natural brown and my mid to ends are a dark blonde…but guys I am still not convinced this is how I want it to stay. I’m craving a big change in the colour department (I am not cutting it), I know I want to either go majority darker or lighter as I never seem to be happy in the middle dark blonde zone with all that gold!! I am a mom of 2 and unless I am at a photo shoot I am around the house in my comfies or going through the drive through for coffee with my hair in a top knot or down and wavy or loosely curled which can last for days if that helps. I know often a colour decision can be based on how much maintenance it will be or how the person styles their hair on the daily – I am not worried about maintenance as these days I am all for making frequent trips to the salon to have so “mommy time”! I created the first two collages in this post so you could see some photos of the evolution of my hair over the past few years from brown to blonde (excuse all of the selfies lol).

I’ve been going to a hairstylist named Staci from the Hair Loft since September and she has worked wonders on my locks, they are long & healthy thanks to the time and effort she puts into caring for my hair. Even after the lightening work she’s done my hair feels as if it hasn’t been touched with any colour! She uses Olaplex on my hair each visit which I am a big supporter of, this product does WONDERS and you should ask your stylist if they have it as a treatment if you are lightening your hair.  Staci is also known for her expert work in combatting brass & red tones! Naturally my hair pulls a lot of this and need to tone it when I visit. I am always craving ash tones in my hair and fighting the red tones which Staci mastered on me in 1 visit and all we’ve done since is maintenance visits! Check out her Instagram page here and you can see some of her work, I found her through her page and a lot of her other clients did too.

So, the super exciting part of this post now!?! I am hosting a giveaway with her for a brand new GHD flat iron (image of the iron below) courtesy of Staci!!! All you have to do to enter is:

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  2. Read through the rest of this post and check out my #HAIRINSPO collage below and tell me in the comments section at the end of the post how YOU think I should do my hair next! PS This giveaway is also running on my Instagram so check it out here for more ways to enter, the winner will be announced Friday, February 26th. I’m so looking forward to your comments & advice, help me decide guys! xo


These looks are from Pinterest and by some of my favourite blogger babes whom I’ve followed since forever with total hair envy including @caraloren, @huntforstyles, @meg_legs & @courtney_shields

This post was made in partnership with The Hair Loft TO, all opinions are my own.