Apple Rosettes


I have been giddy about sharing this fun & swoon worthy recipe with you! I only wish I took a picture of Ella enjoying the first bite of the little rosette tarts after we made them, it was precious! Both recipes were devoured by my family day of ha! If you follow along on snap chat you would have seen us the day we were making them and another apple recipe after we visited the apple orchard, I have to say that apples are WAY more fun to work with than I ever imagined. I saw these rosettes floating around on Pinterest in a couple of ways and once I pulled up two recipes I liked I got to work (oh Pinterest how I love you!). These are totally fun recipes to do with the kiddos, Ella helped mix ingredients and even tried rolling some of the apple rosettes herself while Noah aided by mainly taste testing lol. We both managed to break a whole bunch of them while rolling but that’s the price you pay for slicing the apples as thin as you can with a knife vs a mandoline people!!! And I feel I could have warmed up the slices a tad more, I hate using the microwave (we don’t even have one at our current house!) so I tried just soaking them in hot lemon water while we prepped everything else…not pliable enough, yet they also weren’t thin enough. I know now for next time and yes there totally WILL be a next time, these were DELISH and so was the apple custard tart! Both recipes encompassed entirely different flavours, the custard tart was much more savory due to the sea salt while the mini tarts were sweet & light, a perfect pair for a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Ive linked to the recipes below, sorry I couldn’t have more images of us actually rolling the slices…a mama can only get so far with two hands!

Apple Walnut Tart with Maple Custard: This melt in your mouth recipe was perfect for a french Canadian mum like me…our house is always stocked on REAL Canadian maple syrup! It is gluten free (walnut crust) and totally delicious, I found the recipe HERE on Hip Foodie Mom and it was a guest post by Allie over at Baking a Moment Blog.

Mini Apple Rosette Tarts: These darling little tarts make for a perfect little treat or gift for someone, I sent a few home to friends and they loved them! Ella also loved making them because all the while we giggled about giving daddy flowers…but ones he could eat! I swear this man manages to get more flowers than I do somehow!?! These pair so well with a frozen yoghurt or scoop of vanilla ice cream or a slice of aged cheddar! I found the recipe HERE by the one & only Martha.

Bon Appetit lovelies! xo