For this weeks wedding related post I wanted to fill you all in on a fun DIY project Craig and I planned for our wedding cake…we wanted unique and something to represent my French background that he adores so much. We didn’t want a traditional cake for the big day and thanks to Pinterest I flooded our minds with picturesque, creative ideas we could re-invent. After some back & forth we came to the conclusion that it was either going to be doughnuts or macarons and the “cookie jams” as Ella would call them, won! I spent a good couple of months shopping around for the best macarons in the city, what a rough job right? Ha! Some made it home for Craig to try and others just made it through to my french-pastry loving tummy and I made sure to factor in Ella’s opinions as well. You all already know I am a big fan of the Colette Grand Cafe in Toronto, I love the atmosphere, the awe-worthy decor, the amazingly attentive and well mannered staff but most of all…the FOOD! I knew their macarons would be the ones for our wedding after I sampled, oh ALL of the flavours they carried. I’d like to say that I know my french foods, I could devour a bag of fresh buttery croissants before they make it home and I would have to fib that I purchased any other goodies as they wouldn’t make it back either. They are my weakness since I was a child and one that I have no intention of fighting any time soon! So, the morning before our wedding I asked a girlfriend of mine Camilla from Castle Avenue Blog to join me to pick up our macaron order, she had mentioned previously that she wasn’t a fan of macarons and I simply couldn’t let her go on in life without knowing how amazing they truly are?  So, I threw on my fav’ tee, my hair into a pony with one of Ella’s elastics (yes I call it a pony, I am a mum after all guys) and off we went to Colette for coffee & macarons! When we arrived we were greeted with that wonderful smell of fresh coffee and croissants, naturally we enjoyed some sunshine with our much needed caffeine on their patio and I grabbed my 3 fav macarons for each of us, let the intervention begin I thought…I knew she would love at least one of the flavours.  Success! We must have looked hilarious giggling and stuffing our faces, I am confident that I cheered at how proud I was that her baby girl (she’s expecting) was enjoying some genuine macarons thanks to moi! We then headed home with my order of 100 macaroons to build the cake, some didn’t make it home (my friend loves macarons now I must add) but we had to make sure they were as delish as expected before the wedding guests had them right? The cake turned out exactly as Craig and I envisioned and I cannot wait to share the images of it with you from the wedding in the coming months. In the meantime if you are in the Toronto area, head to Colette Grand Cafe for a latte and some baked goodness! xo


This post was made in collaboration with Colette Grand Cafe, all opinions are my own. 
Photography by Castle Avenue Photography