Loving Lately

The Best Wrap: Happy Baby WrapScarf: VonbonCardigan: Alfie ApparelLeggings: Alfie ApparelBib: Vonbon 

I am absolutely addicted to this salad, I have it almost every day! Luckily, Craig is just as into it as I am. All you need it baby spinach, beets, walnuts, feta (we prefer sheep feta), real maple syrup & balsamic vinegar. I crush a handful or 2 of walnuts, dice up my cooked beets and add them to a big fat bowl of baby spinach…I then sprinkle cut up feta and add it in as well as the dressings. Now, as for the dressing I really do not use any specific measuring, I do however use equal parts and toss everything together to really soak in the flavours. If you are weary of making your own dressing you can find a maple balsamic at your grocery store, we enjoy the PC one. This time we actually added chicken to the mix which was exciting to my carnivore of a man…Craig isn’t as easy going as I am about meals sans-meat.

I am equally obsessed with the adorable pieces for the kids that Vonbon sent us! This stellar Canadian brand kills me with their sharp prints, I mean this feather bib…really? Swoon!!! Two fashion loving sisters (Jennifer & Kristin) started up this brand and every piece is certified organic, beautiful and crafted in Vancouver, BC. I avidly follow Jennifer on her Instagram account @vonbonapparel and melt over her feed full of adorable kiddos in Vonbon gear. I am especially swooning over the nursery design post that just went up on their blog this week for her daughter Esti…it tugged at my heart strings as both of our daughters share the same name inspiration. Hers being Estella, my great grandmothers name was Estelle (our little Ella’s full name) whom was Spanish. Head on over to the blog and have a swoon…I am sure your Pinterest fingers will be twitching!
As you all know we have been doing a daily smoothie challenge and it has been going fabulous, my daily shake is a staple and Ella loves them (so handy)! I know I promised you all recipes in this post but I am only including one of the smoothie ones as I want to save them for a post dedicated to just smoothies- up soon. Now one smoothie I am going to share however is my newest dessert obsession, I LOVE peanut butter + chocolate and this shake is so filling and yummy and it keeps me away from the refined sugar snacks! I simply put vanilla almond milk, vegan chocolate protein powder (hemp/chia/pea), spinach, banana, natural peanut butter, ice and water in the blender and blend away…voila. Deliciousness! Smoothies are a great dessert option, especially when you can sneak in some greens. My last recipe of the post I am yet to get photos of for you but I will soon, it is a salad that my step mother makes and I ate it almost every day during my pregnancy with Noah…so addictive, you’ve been warned. For this salad you need romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green onion + celery(or not), feta, apple cider vinegar and olive oil. Cut up, put it all in a bowl and mix…I like to let it sit in the fridge for a good five minutes after mixing it before I serve it to let the feta soak into it all. Once again for the dressing, we do not measure but use equal parts…play around with a little at a time until it tastes just right! On the family front we are all doing well, the kids are growing like weeds and to be honest it’s fulfilling yet heart wrenching…you all know I am a sap and the bigger they get the more emotional I seem to become. Noah is nearly 4 months old , he is nursing and sleeping so well and is SUCH a happy little guy but it feels like yesterday that I was waddling around the kitchen awaiting his arrival. We are working hard on three more rooms in the house for some exciting design features to share with you and I am SO excited to share our cute little mud room Craig has built for me! xo