Canon Connect Station CS100

As a mother of 2 little ones and a blogger I am always snapping photos, wether it’s photos of the kids or my latest collaboration I am filling up memory cards and running out of space on them quickly – you could call me the family shutterbug! It’s important to me that I use products that are user friendly and help me to share all of the candid and created content I capture with my family and store it and share it all safely. Until now I really didn’t have anything to do so.

I’ve been working with Canon products for 4 years now, and two years ago I participated in my first collaboration with them. You may remember when I featured the Canon Baby Moments App {here}, I just revisited the post myself and my eyes filled with tears remembering those sweet moments I captured with my first Canon DSLR of my two sweet babies when they were much, much smaller! I use canon for all of my photography and gear, it’s a brand I trust so it was great when we brought the Canon CS100 home.

The Canon Connect Station CS100 is the ultimate device to store, organize, view, share and hold one’s memories. Designed and built by Canon, the Connect Station CS100 works together with Canon products, making this a great addition to anybody’s home who loves to take photos and share them with family and friends.

By introducing the Canon CS100 into our home I’ve been alleviated of the flash drives, USB sticks and photos stranded on my phone and now I have one device, the Canon Connect Station CS100, to help me to organize my years worth of photos (literally). The Canon CS100 #connectstation is the ideal sharing tool for the family and the hub for keeping your memories safely stored! If you are anything like me you take a million pictures of your kids and your phone and memory cards fill up quickly, every once in awhile I would store data on my computer only to realize that I’m running out of space there too – effecting my apps, the speed of my PC just as it does on my phone! Now it is SO easy to share all of the moments I’ve captured with my husband who doesn’t really get to me here every day to see our adventures, the kids excited faces during a fun moment or what collaborations we are up to before the post is live on my blog…we like to go over images together too when I am creating content with brands, especially when it’s involving the kids – I like to keep him involved and sharing all of the images I’ve taken with him is now that much easier! We can sit together on the couch and browse through the images.

I can seamlessly connect between my phone and the CS100 to download multiple images at once (no limitations) and even open all of the images on my phone using the CS100 Smartphone App – making it way easier to share a high quality image with Craig or to share on social media for work too! For ages I’ve been uploading my favourites from my DSLR to my computer and then emailing them to myself ONE BY ONE because they are such big files before I can even save them and post to social media…not convenient BUT that is history now. I can use the drag & drop feature and upload images from my PC right to the CS100!

I also for years have had such anxiety about safely storing all of our memories, I have a bunch of USB drives (well, did) that were holding different albums from different years & times in our lives and with all of the chaos of our every day lives and home renos, it scared me to think of losing one of the usb sticks or memory cards etc Now, it’s all in one safe place and I have all of our moments organized into folders keeping it all organized – giving me piece of mind and making it easy for Craig to find a moment he’s looking for (like our latest home makeover or DIY). The Connect Station is saving me so much time (so important as a busy mum) and making sharing memories with Craig and other family members a breeze. We even bought one for my mom so that we can seamlessly share photos to her CS100 from ours! Cool right? She loves it and so do we, we know what every one will be getting from us for Christmas lol!

You can visit the Canon website {here} to learn more about the Canon Connect Station CS100, I know you’ll find it just as helpful as we do!